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Is Samsung spying on us?

Ears are not the only way to be heard. Although our devices do not have ears, they can still hear. With the recent revelation that anything you say in front of your smart TV may be recorded and used in advertising or other marketing services, consumers everywhere are wondering is Samsung spying on us? This is a legitimate question.

Well, if you own a smart TV from Samsung every word that is said around it can be captured and then sent to Samsung and shared with anyone else it shares data with.  This has some people asking, how do these features even exist and the answer is because people want to change the channel without a remote.  So, the smart TV has a voice command feature that it utilizes to help it understand commands voiced by the user.

One of the biggest flaws in the recording of data in the vicinity surrounding the smart TV, is that it connects to the internet.  That means that it could be compromised to transmit your conversations to another party other than Samsung and its partners.  This is a potentially larger issue than whether or not Samsung is spying on us.

Stop and think for a second, even though Samsung or its partners could be potentially using your conversations for unknown purposes, think about if a hacker compromises your smart TV and uses it to hear when you are home and when you are gone.

Consider if your smart TV was compromised and they started to social engineer your life due to the conversations you were having.  Hackers could use your private conversations against you to steal your identity or even blackmail you.  This is a very dangerous line to be on and is something that should be thought about before purchasing any technology that has the capability to transmit private conversations anywhere it deems necessary.

The answer to the thought of “Is Samsung spying on us?” comes down to the fact that they record and transmit all of your private conversations within the comfort of your home to an unidentified third party.  By leaving the 3rd party unidentified, Samsung lends more credence to the fact that it could possibly be the NSA running another data mining program or the CIA using it for cataloging and profiling purposes.  Another problem with the data transmitted from private moments within your house, is that it was sent unencrypted, which means that any hacker could easily intercept and utilize the data.

The Samsung smart TV sends out unencrypted audio files, which could be easily intercepted by hackers with Wi-Fi or if they are just right outside your house.  What would you do if someone had a personal audio file of every single conversation and sound ever made in your house?  That is now possible with the Samsung Smart TV.

Who you can trust is the name of the game in the technology world. The truth is that no one really knows who to trust; is Samsung spying on us? Convenience comes with a cost – your privacy.

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