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What is the Samsung alternative to the Apple Watch?

Samsung, Apple, Sony, Asus, and HTC have all released their own models of the revolutionary wearable smartwatch. The Galaxy Gear Line was the original smartwatch line released by Samsung in 2013. Since then, Samsung has been releasing wearable technology devices one after another. So, consumers want to know, what is the Samsung alternative to the Apple Watch?
However, the public interest in smartwatches only began to grow when the Apple smartwatch was announced. Due to Apple’s profile, everyone became anxious to see what the Apple Watch had in store for them. Not everyone is a fan of the Apple brand, no worries there is a smartwatch just for you.

Apple Watch Alternative: Samsung Gear S2

What is the Samsung alternative to the Apple Watch?

The Samsung Gear S2. It is by far the best smartwatch available on the market today.
It is the perfected device designed with style and usability in mind. While the Apple Watch made a larger splash in wearable technology marketplace, Samsung’s Gear S2 is light-years ahead of Apple. The Gear S2 has been thought completely through from the design to the ease of use.
The most innovative and appealing feature is the rotating bezel. Like the Apple Watch, you can add app widgets to your home screen. They are easier to access with a rotate of the dial, when compared to the Apple Watch. If Apple failed to make you a believer in smartwatches – Samsung will!

Gear S2 Specifications

  • Tizen OS System
  • Bezel
  • Back & Home Buttons
  • Touchscreen
  • IP68 Water Resistant
  • 1.2” Full Circular Display
  • RAM : 512MB
  • 3G Network / BT
  • Connectivity: BT4.1, WiFi, NFC
  • Interchangeable Bands
  • Easily Customize the Watch Face
  • Models: classic or sporty

Another simple, yet effective feature of the Gear S2 is the ability to rotate or swipe to easily access all of your emails, text messages, and chat logs. While Apple had difficulty mapping the buttons on the Apple watch, Samsung’s mapping is focused on simplicity and usability. There is a simple back and home button on the sides and they work flawlessly.
On top of surpassing the rivals in the smartwatch marketplace, Samsung has also managed to make a watch that should fit both male and female wrists. The charging cradle is simple and efficient, similar to the cradle of the Moto 360 smartwatch. Although Samsung has been known for sacrificing features for speed, this does not show in the Gear S2.
The aesthetics of the Samsung Gear S2 watch are arguably more attractive than the Apple Watch. People are praising the traditional round design. It appears to capture the traditional analog design along with the latest in digital wearable technology.
This wearable technology device is superior to the Apple Watch. It is a watch for all occasions with all of the customization options available. Quickly customize the watch face and easily change the band to match the occasion. The Gear S2 was designed in a complimentary partnership with Alessandro Mendini.
When asked what is the Samsung alternative to the Apple Watch, be sure you answer with the Samsung Gear S2. There is a modern watch for everyone. What innovative device will the Samsung brand reveal next?

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