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Top 10 Bluetooth headsets for Samsung phones

Bluetooth headsets are without doubt one of the best ways to communicate hands free while on the move, particularly when driving , but also when you are just multitasking. In addition, when well-designed they can often make the wearer seem stylish and sophisticated, which only adds to their appeal.

In this extended article, we will take an in-depth look at the top 10 Bluetooth headsets for Samsung phones, providing Samsung Geeks with all the information they need to make the right choice when they are next in the market for a Bluetooth headset to go with their naturally sizeable collection of Samsung devices and gadgets.

Samsung HM1000

Although, with prices starting as low as approximately £10, the Samsung HM1000 may be targeted at the budget end of the market, it remains a nifty Bluetooth headset for Samsung phones. Coming with a single microphone and multipoint technology, the HM1000 provides superb call clarity and can power up to seven hours of talk time, which is considerable longer than some other headsets in this list and should be more than sufficient for the vast majority of users. In addition, it is great for sharing, as it can connect to two compatible devices simultaneously.

Samsung HM1200

Weighing in at a mere 10.6g, the Samsung HM1200’s lightweight design allows users to comfortably wear the device for long periods of time. Moreover, just as importantly, the HM1200 makes the most of innovative battery technology to provide a noteworthy eight hours of talk time. It can also stay in standby mode for an impressive 300 hours, while recharging is straightforward with the micro USB port and the battery level can be checked using the handy LED indicator. In addition, quick and easy active pairing through automatic connection with the nearest device detected is another notable feature of the Samsung HM1200.

Samsung HM1700

The Samsung HM1700 Bluetooth headset ensures excellent call clarity in all conditions through built-in noise reduction and echo cancellation, which are two extremely handy features of the device. Comfortable to wear and coming in a stylish grey colour, you can continuously talk or stream music on this Bluetooth headset for eight hours and, by the end of that time, a clever built-in voice prompt will inform you that the battery is running low. Furthermore, at 10.2g, it is slightly lighter than the HM1200, increasing the comfort of use yet more.

Samsung HM3100

For Samsung Geeks particularly fond of the Galaxy S series of smartphones, this is the ideal Bluetooth headset. This is because it has been designed in order to match with the Galaxy S series, perfectly complementing it to increase comfort of use and attractiveness. The HM3100 also comes with noise reduction and echo cancellation technology, as well as advanced multipoint and active pairing.

Samsung HM3200

Another great Bluetooth headset for Samsung phones is the HM3200. On top of noise reduction and echo cancellation, active pairing and multipoint technology, the HM3200 has auto volume adjustment, which allows users to both raise and lower the volume with ambient sound level. Consequently, users can avoid having to frustratingly fumble around with tiny volume control buttons all the time. Moreover, this feature also greatly enhances the sound quality of the Bluetooth headset. In addition, at a mere 6.5mm, the design is slick, slim and therefore sexy.

Samsung HM3700

This Bluetooth headset has excellent sound quality and some very useful features that will prove highly appealing to Samsung Geeks. The Samsung HM3700 has multipoint support, voice controls and, perhaps most importantly and impressively, complete compatibility with Samsung’s FreeSync Android application. As a result, additional functions, such as text-to-speech, are available to users, who can also customise the fit of the device with the three earbud covers that are included as standard. Also featured with the HM3700 are a pair of stereo earbuds and a 3.5mm jack adaptor, allowing you to use your own pair if you wish.

Samsung HM7100

With an ergonomic design and a weight of just 7.3g, this Bluetooth headset prioritises and optimizes user experience and comfort. Moreover, the device employs HD voice technology in order to deliver exceptional sound quality, especially when paired with 4G smartphones. Of course, noise reduction and echo cancellation technologies are featured as standard, but the HM7100 also comes with a very useful portable charging case. Unfortunately, you may have to use it a lot, however, as there is only four hours of continuous talk time. On the plus side, though, NFC-enabled smartphones can be paired with the HM7100 by just simply tapping the two devices together thanks to sophisticated NFC technology.

Samsung Modus HM3500

The best feature of the Samsung Modus HM3500 is that it allows users to stream music and podcasts in both mono and stereo modes. Moreover, at approximately £40-50, it is an affordable quality device that also provides dual-mic noise-cancelling and multipoint connectivity. Made of glossy black plastic, the Modus HM3500 has a stylish look and a classy feel, while only weighing 11.4g. Perhaps its only drawback is the fact that only six hours of continuous talk time is possible, but apart from that it is without doubt a superb Bluetooth headset for Samsung phones.

Samsung Modus HM6450

This is Samsung’s upgraded version of the Modus HM3500. Of course, it has both mono and stereo modes. In addition, it retains the HM3500’s dual-mic design and noise cancelling technology. However, it also comes with stereo EQ algorithms and a useful companion Android application, which provides features such as text-to-speech, range and battery level. Furthermore, the device cleverly responds to voice commands and reads the names of incoming callers aloud. In fact, perhaps the only disappointing aspect of the Modus HM6450 is that it does not improve on the six hours of continuous talk time offered by its predecessor, the Modus HM3500.

Samsung HS3000

The Samsung HS3000 is arguably unusual in that, unlike the other Bluetooth handsets reviewed, it clips to the user’s shirt. Then, the user receives power into either their own set of headphones or the pair of earbuds that Samsung provides with the HS3000 through a 3.5mm jack, which is located on the top of the headset. One particularly good feature of this Bluetooth headset is the SoundAlive sound modes, which allow customisation of the listening experience. This is done through the choice of either Instrumental, Vocal or Normal settings.


When it comes to Bluetooth headsets, it is not like there is a shortage of options for Samsung Geeks to choose from. Of course, personal preferences and budgets will ultimately determine which Bluetooth headset each Samsung Geek opts for. However, at the end of the day, anyone who ends up with one of the top 10 Bluetooth headsets for Samsung phones reviewed in this article will have a stylish and useful piece of technology to allow them to talk on their phone hands free.

Which one of the top 10 Bluetooth headsets for Samsung phones is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below- we love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

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