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How to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung’s flagship device the Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the best smartphones available on the market today, and is well worth Samsung Geeks purchasing if they can afford to do so. However, many Samsung Geeks bought a locked Galaxy S6 from a service provider and are therefore now left wondering how to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Well, in this article we will show you how to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy S6 by walking through a couple of fairly simple methods that should allow you to switch service providers or use a local SIM card when abroad with no problem.

Request the code from your service provider to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy S6

Not all service providers will give you your SIM unlock code free of charge, but some will if your account is in good standing and you are lucky enough to talk to a person on the other end who is feeling kind. Therefore, when working out how to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy S6, it is almost always worth giving requesting it from your service provider a shot.

Firstly, you will need to find out the smartphone’s IMEI number, which is used by a GSM network to identify valid devices. This is normally relatively simple and straightforward; simply open up the phone app on your Samsung Galaxy S6 and dial #06#. Write the IMEI number down then ring up your carrier’s customer service line, politely requesting the SIM unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy S6 from them. At this point, it may be necessary to explain that you intend to use a local service when travelling overseas. If you are fortunate, hopefully your service provider will then provide the SIM unlock code via email in the next few working days.

Purchasing the code from a third-party unlock service to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy S6

If your service provider is unwilling to provide the device’s SIM unlock code free of charge, you might well be able to purchase the code from a third-party unlock service at a cheaper price than the one quoted by the service provider.

The process is similar to the one described above. However, to start with you may have to do some searching to find a trustworthy, quality third-party unlock service that offers the right tool for the Samsung Galaxy S6. DoctorSIM (our approved SIM unlocker – click here) can SIM unlock android mobiles from most manufacturers. They provide 24 hour support by phone, email, and chat which is a big thing to look out for when searching for a reputable SIM unlock provider. We’ve also negotiated a 10% DoctorSIM Discount – just make sure you go through our link (here!).

Once you have chosen the third-party unlock service that is right for you, simply get in touch with them through whatever medium most suits you (some companies will only be contactable online, but many can also be reached via phone) and ask for the SIM unlock code.

How to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy S6 once you have obtained the SIM unlock code

Once you have obtained the SIM unlock code, it is remarkably easy to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy S6. Simple turn off your device, replace the original SIM card with a SIM card from another service provider and, upon request, enter the smartphone’s SIM unlock code. At that point, your Samsung Galaxy S6 should be unlocked and free for you to fully enjoy!

Do you know how to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy S6 in another way? We would love to hear from you- let us know your unlocking method in the comments section below.

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