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Are Samsung phone screens the best?

Many will already know that Samsung has been the manufacturer of mobile device screens for Apple products for some time now. So if the mighty (and famously perfection obsessed!) Apple fancy Samsung as their display maker of choice – what chance is there that any other screen makers could be building something better? Lets delve in and find out: Are Samsung phone screens the best?

First, some context: We’re writing this article just after the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which by many accounts feature the best screens Samsung has ever put into phones. They are noted as being both technically advanced and subjectively beautiful. They are crisp, colorful, bright and draw less power than ever before. If these were dogs, they’d be pedigree all the way.

So if we’re looking for our latest and greatest Samsung screen to measure others against, it seems that these two are our candidates. In this case, the Galaxy Note 5 does pip the S6 Edge+ screen to the post by being independently rated as the finest by DisplayMate so let’s use that as our candidate for greatest mobile screen ever. What’s so great about that screen then?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Screen

The Galaxy Note 5 screen has been rated as ‘the best ever’ mobile screen by several experts – at this point it really is that simple. This is because it either matches or exceeds performance in several key indicators: It’s quad HD resolution of course is astonishing, but available on some other devices. Where it draws ahead of other contemporary screens is in the Super AMOLED colour fidelity, peak brightness and contrast ratio which objectively trumps other screens on the market.

It also features lower screen reflectance and higher brightness overall which stands to make a marked, observable improvement for real-world use. At this moment in time, the Galaxy Note 5 screen really is the best consumer grade mobile display in the world.

Are Samsung phone screens the best?

Right now, the Galaxy Note 5 really is the king of screens, but Samsung has never been afraid to make it’s own technologies obsolete. This is particularly true in its love-hate relationship with Apple. After all, Samsung was building Retina screens for Apple devices -widely recognized as the finest mobile screens for a while themselves- before it’s own phones got the high resolution treatment. If Apple’s next iPhone and iPad feature Samsung screens you can be sure they won’t settle for a technology which lags far behind the Note 5 and Edge+ screens, and both companies may surprise us by debuting a new ‘best’ in screen technology on an Apple device, just like they did with retina a few years ago.

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