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What is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+?

In a much talked about news conference yesterday, Samsung announced the launch of two new devices; the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5. To discover more about the Galaxy Note 5, have a read of this Samsung Geeks article. However, this article sets out to answer the question, what is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+? In the process, we will take a look at some of the new device’s features that will most appeal to Samsung Geeks.

A bigger screen size

This device, which is the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that was released five months ago in March, earns the “plus” in its name by virtue of the fact that, at 5.7 inches, its screen size is 0.6 inches bigger. This moves the S6 Edge+ firmly into phablet territory.

Nevertheless, it vitally still feels comfortable to hold in the hand. This is perhaps primarily because Samsung worked hard to ensure that a larger screen size did not result in a dramatically bigger device overall. Only 12mm longer and a mere 5mm wider than the S6 Edge, the S6 Edge+ is also even remarkably a tiny bit thinner (0.1mm, to be precise) than its predecessor, measuring 6.9mm.

All in all, the bigger screen size feeds into a lovely design of exceptional quality. The large dual-edge display is breathtakingly beautiful and really helps users make the most of viewing movies or playing games on the S6 Edge+.

More memory capacity

Apart from the bigger screen size, the other main feature that differentiates the S6 Edge+ from the S6 Edge is its memory capacity. At 4GB of RAM, it has an extra gigabyte of memory and therefore is more practical for multitasking.

However, in terms of storage, the S6 Edge+ is arguably inferior to its predecessor. This is because there is no microSD support in either the 32GB or 64GB versions of the device, so you cannot achieve the same 128GB or storage as you can with the S6 Edge.

One thing the two devices do have in common is the octa-core Exynos 7420 processor, which is a decent chip and can be relied upon to do a good job of powering the phone efficiently. In this area, Samsung have wisely followed the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

A mobile wallet

One particularly cool and convenient feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is Samsung Pay, which is designed to work like a normal debit or credit card. Supporting both MST and NPC payments, Samsung Pay is a secure method of payment thanks to the protection of encrypted card information by industry leading data security technologies.

Moreover, it is incredibly simply to use. All users need to do to make the most of the Edge 6+’s mobile wallet is swipe up, select a card an then either enter their PIN or scan their fingerprint. Then the transaction is complete, as simple as that.

Conclusion: What is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+?

So, what is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+?

In short, a bigger and marginally improved version of its predecessor. It boasts a 0.6 inches bigger screen size while still importantly retaining a comfortable feel in the hand. In addition, its lovely dual-edge display provides a premium feel to the product, which also has an extra gigabyte of RAM to aid multitasking. Finally, it includes Samsung Pay, rendering the device a helpful mobile wallet.

Consequently, many Samsung Geeks are likely to want to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ when it comes out on 20th August in America and 4th September in the UK.

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+? Do you see it as an improvement on the S6 Edge? Feel free to let us know your thought and opinions in the comments section below.

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