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Should I upgrade from the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the S6?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 was released as Samsung’s newest flagship phone in April 2015, and has been greeted with positive critical reception as well as high sales, helping to restore Samsung’s profit margin following its 2014 dip. But for those Samsung users with the previous flagship S5, many will be asking the question, ‘Should I upgrade from the Samsung Galaxy S6 to the S6?’

We can help you to answer the question by giving a detailed comparison of the two flagship devices, the older and the more recent, and discussing the advantages and possible disadvantages of turning in the S5 in exchange for the shiny new S6.

The most noticeable difference is unfortunately in price. A year after its release, the Galaxy S5 can be found for around £330 (UK price) on a SIM only contract, and contracts are also considerably cheaper, while the S6 with the highest memory capacity can be as much as £800. However, upgrades may be available for cheaper prices, and if you’re a competitive and habitual Samsung user with specific needs and a penchant for the latest technology, then there’s no denying that the S6 has taken its place as one of the leading smartphones available on the market right now.

Should I upgrade from the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the S6? New Materials and Slimmer Dimensions

The single greatest change that Samsung introduced with the S6 is the frame material. The biggest criticism that the S5 received was that the cheap plastic back and frame didn’t compliment the high-quality smartphone that was being paid for.

Samsung seem to have taken this advice on board, and the S6 uses an aluminium and Gorilla Glass 4 frame which offers a much higher aesthetic appeal. If appearance and conspicuously expensive materials are something you would pay money for, then the S6 might well be a good option.

Queries have been raised on the durability of the new design, with the issue of cracking still prevalent with Apple devices with metal and glass backs. Similarly, the waterproof coating was removed from the S6, prompting questions of practicality.

Should I upgrade from the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the S6? Picture Perfect

The camera on the S5 was certainly among the most advanced upon its release, but subsequent releases by Apple, LG and HTC have overtaken the S5 technology since then. The S6 features an improved front-facing camera, and upgraded Image Stabilisation capabilities. It also uses a F1.9 lens which can capture 40% more light than the S5 camera, ensuring more clarity in low lighting photography and the opportunity to capture images with a stunning depth of field.

Samsung devices have long boasted some of the highest definition AMOLED screens on the market, and the 1080×1960 screen on the S5 was no exception. The S6 upgrades the 432 PPI screen to a 557 PPI, but the discernible difference is negligible, and may simply slow down the hardware and reduce the battery life.

Should I upgrade the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the S6? Revamped Hardware and Streamlined Software

For the first time since the S2 in 2011, Samsung have abandoned the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 octa-processor in favour of their own Exynos 7420 processor. In addition, Samsung have finally overhauled TouchWiz, which has caused lagging on every S device that featured it, and enables the S6 to be far more streamlined and use its storage space more efficiently.

In addition, the S6 uses UFC 2.0 technology for its storage system, which according to Samsung is 2.7 times faster than the eMMC 5.0 of the Galaxy S5.

So, should I upgrade the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the S6?

There is obviously no simple answer to that; the most suitable phone for you depends entirely on your requirements, priorities and of course, your budget. With a phone as powerful as the Galaxy S5, it could be that any minor improvements in the S6 would be unnoticeable and a waste of money.

On the other hand, the streamlined TouchWiz, higher-quality camera and most of all, vastly improved appearance and design of the Samsung Galaxy S6 are all highly impressive, and definitely worth considering upgrading for.

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