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Should I buy my Samsung Galaxy S6 SIM Free?

One of the main questions that Samsung geeks ask when considering purchasing a new Samsung device is whether they should buy it SIM free or not. To answer that question specifically in relation to the Samsung Galaxy S6, this short piece will first briefly explain what a SIM free phone is before then discussing some of the main benefits and drawbacks of buying Samsung smartphones SIM free.

What is a SIM free phone?

Put simply, a SIM free phone is one that comes without a SIM card. As a result, the owner of the SIM free phone is not tied down to any contract or network. In most circumstances, those who buy a SIM free phone have the freedom to choose whatever SIM they would like to use in their new phone, allowing greater flexibility and a host of other benefits that I will now discuss in greater detail in relation to the Samsung Galaxy S6.

What are the main benefits of buying the Samsung Galaxy S6 SIM free?

The main benefits of buying any phone, including the Samsung Galaxy S6, SIM free, centre around flexibility, as previously mentioned, and long term cost savings.

Purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S6 SIM free gives you the flexibility to choose from a wider range of tariffs, such as ‘SIM only’ and Pay-as-you-Go deals, which can prove cheaper in the long term, despite usually having to pay more up front. Going SIM free might also be beneficial if you travel and use the Samsung Galaxy S6 abroad a lot. This is because you can avoid being stung by expensive roaming charges through simply buying a cheap local SIM card when you enter the country.

Moreover, by avoiding signing a lengthy contract, owners of the Samsung Galaxy S6 who buy SIM free are much freer to upgrade their smartphone when Samsung comes out with a new and improved version of the popular device. With the Samsung Galaxy S7 set to be released in March 2016, this is one of the key benefits of buying SIM free that Samsung geeks should take into account when buying the Samsung Galaxy S6. Additionally, when you come to sell your Samsung Galaxy S6 in order to upgrade to the S7, the S6 is likely to have retained much of its value since they enjoy a larger market by virtue of the fact that they can be used on any network.

What are the main drawbacks of buying the Samsung Galaxy S6 SIM free?

The main and most obvious drawback of buying the Samsung Galaxy S6 SIM free is the higher initial purchasing price, which, in some cases, can be substantially higher than if the device was purchased with a SIM card and accompanying contract. The official Samsung selling price is £599.99 for the 32GB model, with that price rising to £659.99 for the 64GB version and £739.99 for the 128GB version.

However savvy you may be as a consumer, the fact is you will have to pay a lot more up front if you purchase the Samsung Galaxy S6 SIM free. Moreover, as well as the initial cost, sometimes fewer special offers and deals will be available to you if you purchase the device without a SIM card.

Conclusion: Should I buy my Samsung Galaxy S6 SIM free?

So, should you purchase the Samsung Galaxy S6 SIM free? In short, it depends. If you value flexibility, the potential to quickly upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S7 when it is released next year and long term cost savings, then you probably should buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 SIM free. However, if you are put off by the hefty initial cost, then maybe going SIM free isn’t for you.

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