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How can I extend battery life on my Samsung Galaxy S5/S6?

One of the worst things about many smartphones is how quickly their battery life becomes drained and, consequently, they require recharging. This occurs ordinarily because of the innumerable amount of activities that you can perform on modern smartphones, from browsing online news to posting on social media, and from streaming videos on YouTube to chatting with your mates on WhatsApp. We just can’t get enough of all the cool things that smartphones allow us to do, and that all takes up precious battery life.

The amount of times that you have to return to charging your smartphone can be immensely irritating, leaving many annoyed users wondering how they can improve their battery life. This extended article will address the issue of smartphone battery life and provide five top tips on how to make your device last longer.

Specifically, it will answer the question that many Samsung Geeks are frequently left asking; how can I extend battery life on my Samsung Galaxy S5/S6?

Top tip 1: Use power saving mode to extend battery life

This is perhaps the most obvious way to extend your Samsung device’s battery life. After all, the whole point of power saving mode is to address this important issue and allow users to enjoy using their smartphones for longer than they would otherwise be able to.

Included in all devices since the Samsung Galaxy S2 was first released in May 2011, the power saving feature is not new to the S5 and S6 but still performs the same useful functions which greatly enhance battery performance. Found in the Settings menu, power saving mode extends battery life in various ways without substantially impairing your smartphone’s performance. CPU performance can be limited, the screen frame rate reduced and the brightness lowered all in the name of saving power.

Other options available to the Samsung Geek looking to extend their S5 or S6’s battery life with power saving mode include turning off GPS, blocking background app data and changing the display to grayscale.

To save power and extend your device’s battery life, making the most of the power saving mode option on both the S5 and the S6 is your best bet in all likelihood.

Top tip 2: Use ultra-power saving mode to extend battery life

In addition to power saving mode, ultra-power saving mode is also available on the S5 and the S6 for those occasions when you may be without access to a charger for an extended period of time and therefore urgently need to squeeze every last drop of proverbial juice out of your smartphone.

You might be quite reasonably thinking, how is ultra-power saving mode different to regular old power saving mode? Well, as the name suggests, ultra-power saving mode is more extreme, and therefore it unfortunately inevitably involves curtailing what you can do on your Samsung device to a greater extent than with power saving mode. For example, your display automatically changes to grayscale and you are limited to the use of only a select few apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Phone and Messages.

However, with the greater sacrifice comes a greater benefit in terms of improved battery life. In fact, Samsung claims that, from a full charge, ultra-power saving mode will keep your S5 or S6 going for an astonishing 12 and a half days, which would come in handy on a camping holiday, for example. You could just charge up your smartphone the night before leaving and, if you are going away for less than two weeks, you won’t have to worry about battery life with ultra-power saving mode.

Moreover, even with only 10% of battery life remaining, ultra-power saving mode will get a whole extra day’s power out of your device for you. All in all, ultra-power saving mode is a great back-up service for when you are in desperate need of extra battery life but lack access to a charger.

Top tip 3: Change your screen brightness to extend battery life

The displays on both the S5 and the S6 are often the main culprit in terms on what is causing your smartphone’s battery life to be all too quickly drained. With millions of pixels, excessively bright displays are thirsty for your smartphone’s power and mercilessly eat away at your battery life.

Therefore, to extend the battery life of your Samsung device it is absolutely essential that the screen’s brightness is actively monitored and managed, with appropriate changes made when necessary. Thankfully, that monitoring and management need not be undertaken by the user. S5 and S6 users can select auto adjust screen tone to adjust the display brightness based on the on-screen image to save power.

Consequently, battery management does not have to turn into an arduous and ongoing chore. Simply select auto adjust screen tone and let your Samsung device do the leg work of saving power while you enjoy all of the other excellent features available on the S5 and S6.

Top tip 4: Check your Location settings to extend battery life

Another way to extend your battery life on the S5 and S6 is to check your location settings to ensure that they are on power saving mode.

When it comes to the locating method on these smartphones, there are three options. The GPS only option, quite obviously, just uses the smartphone’s GPS to estimate your location, which is often sub-optimal in terms of saving power. The high accuracy option is far from ideal for the power saver as well, since it uses GPS, WiFi and mobile networks to get the most accurate estimate of your location.

However, there is also a power saving option, which will simply use nearby WiFi and mobile networks to find out where you are, which is normally far better for your batter life. To turn this mode on, just select settings, go to network connections, tap on location and then choose the power saving mode.

Top tip 5: Alter your display timeout to extend battery life

Your smartphone’s display timeout is the amount of time it takes for the display to turn off after the user has stopped touching the screen. On the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6 screen timeout can range from 15 seconds to a staggering 10 minutes, although it is usually automatically set to switch off after 30 seconds.

Altering your display timeout to the lowest possible, 15 seconds in the case of the S5 and S6, is one smart way of extending your device’s battery life without sacrificing much in the way of phone capabilities.

Conclusion: How can I extend battery life on my Samsung Galaxy S5/S6?

How can Samsung Geeks seeking to eke every last drop of proverbial juice out of their Samsung Galaxy S5 or S6 extend their battery life?

Perhaps the first port of call is using power saving mode, the feature designed specifically to enhance battery performance in various ways that do not substantially hamper the smartphone’s functionality. Ultra-power saving mode is also a helpful feature available in extreme circumstances when the need for power is high but the supply of power is low.

Furthermore, allowing your S5 or S6 to automatically adjust the screen’s brightness to adapt it accordingly to the on screen image is another great way to save power, while changing to the power saving option for the locating method and reducing the amount of time of inactivity it takes for your display to switch off are also great ways of extending battery life.

Other options exist too, of course, such as cutting back on tethering, searching for rogue apps that might be quietly consuming power in the background and making the most of adaptive fast charging. However, take to heart these five top tips for extending battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S5 or S6 and you won’t go too far long.

Have you used any of these methods to extend battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S5 or S6? Do you know of any other ways to extend battery life on your Samsung smartphone? We’d love to hear from you; feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below. 

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