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How to use Do Not Disturb for Samsung Galaxy S5

We live in a wonderful digital age where access to world class technology is available on demand 24/7. And that’s brilliant, as it allows us to constantly keep in touch with friends, family and loved ones, as well as receive instant news updates, enjoy all the latest music and games and many others things too numerous to list.

There are times, however, when you do not want to be disturbed by the buzz of technology. Maybe you’re in an important meeting, struggling to meet a deadline or just want a 20-minute peaceful power nap free from the interruptions of the world and its proverbial wife trying to reach you through your smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S5 caters perfectly for those moments; it truly is a superb piece of technology that ingeniously allows you to take a break from technology when you need it.

Unfortunately, many users have struggled to access Do Not Disturb mode on their Samsung Galaxy S5 because the South Korea based company rather confusingly renamed it ‘Blocking Mode’. Nonetheless, its ease of use makes it well worth patiently searching for it.

For those still struggling to locate it on their smartphone, here’s a quick step-by-step guide as to how to use Do Not Disturb for Samsung Galaxy S5:

1. Click on Settings
2. Go to the Do Not Disturb column
3. Inside Blocking Mode, switch it on
4. Choose the options you would like to be turned off
5. Specify the timeframe during which to keep Blocking Mode on

Those five easy steps allow you to do a whole host of helpful things that will guarantee you freedom from disturbances from your Samsung Galaxy S5. Here are the three main features of the Samsung Galaxy S5’s Blocking Mode:

Block incoming calls

Blocking incoming calls can be useful in a whole host of situations, and the cool thing about the Samsung Galaxy S5’s blocking mode is that it allows a high degree of customisation so that you can select only the calls that you want to block. So if you want to block everyone from calling you apart from your family then you can customise call blocking so that they are selected as Favourites who won’t be prevented from getting through to you, even if everyone else is.

Turn off notifications

We all know the situation; you are working hard to meet a tight deadline on an important project, perhaps some coursework for your studies, but at the same time your friends are having a group discussion on Facebook or Watsapp to arrange your next get together. Well, blocking mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5 makes it nice and easy to shut them out and focus hard on what it is you have to get done. Simply turn off notifications from selected functions on your phone and you will be free to finish your assignment undisturbed.

Turn off alarm and timer

For the times when you want to snooze undisturbed by an alarm clock, with the Samsung Galaxy S5 you can select to block your alarm and timer, meaning that you can get some much needed shut eye without the uninviting prospect of an alarm annoyingly waking you up!


Although confusingly called Blocking Mode, the Do Not Disturb feature on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is extremely handy and helpful, and is rightly considered one of the best on the smartphone. With the help of this how to guide, you should now be able to make the most of it.

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