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What is the Best Replacement Battery for the Galaxy S5?

One of the biggest frustrations for every smartphone owner is the fact that your phone battery is very unlikely to last a full day of consistent use. The fact that our mobile devices are more capable than ever before is offset by the frustrating reality that the more we use apps, WiFi and Mobile data, the quicker our devices’ batteries drain. In this article we’ll be looking at some of the options that are available to smartphone users who want to increase the battery life available to them. We’ll be specifically asking what is the best replacement battery for the Galaxy S5, but the principles will be just as relevant for other smartphone owners looking for the best replacement battery for their phone.

One of the key features of the S5 is that its removable plastic casing makes it incredibly easy to access and replace your battery. (NB it also means that you can easily upgrade your memory. Check out our guide to choosing Micro SD cards for your Samsung phone).

This is great news if your original Samsung battery has died or isn’t working properly. However, it also means that you can quickly and easily replace your battery if you’re out for the day or traveling in a location where you don’t have easy access to a charger. This gives S5 owners the option to carry multiple replacement batteries for their phone, potentially giving them several days or even weeks worth of charge.

What is the Best Replacement Battery for the Galaxy S5?

What is the Best Replacement Battery for the Galaxy S5?

Option 1: Original Samsung Battery

The most conservative option is simply to order a replacement battery from Samsung. We say conservative because you always pay a premium for a branded replacement product. However, the fact that it comes with the manufacturer’s seal of approval – and avoids invalidating any warranty that you might have for you S5 – mean that it’s a very safe bet for the risk-averse.

In the UK the replacement battery for the Galaxy S5 retails at £39.99 but is currently available on Amazon for the significantly reduced price of £18.18.

It comes with a handy storage case to protect the battery when it’s in your bag or handbag. You can charge it using your Samsung Galaxy S5 charger – meaning that you don’t need the handset. This allows you to continue using your phone whilst charging your replacement battery. It’s also got an LED indicator which tells you when the battery is fully charged to avoid wasting energy or damaging the battery.

Verdict: a great option for the risk-averse, currently available at less than 50% of the RRP.

Option 2: Volutz (2 x Samsung Batteries)

If you’ve spent any time looking for a replacement battery for the Galaxy S5 then you’ll probably have noticed a number of alternative, non-Samsung products. If you’re not convinced that the official Samsung replacement is worth the money, but want a trustworthy brand, the Volutz battery is a great option.

For the same price as an official Samsung S5 battery you can get 2 Volutz spare batteries. This represents pretty good value for money, and the batteries have received very positive reviews from users. They might look quite different to the original products, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it will make it very easy to distinguish between your batteries.

There are several reasons why this is such a good option as a replacement battery for the Galaxy S5.

The Volutz bundle allows you to simultaneously charge your phone and your spare battery via the USB connector. This is a really neat feature that takes a lot of the frustration out of charging batteries. It’s also very handy if you only have access to power for a limited time, perhaps because you’re traveling.

The batteries are compatible with all models of the S5, including European, US and Asian versions.

They’re currently available for £18.98 for a pair or £9.98 if you just want a single battery.

Verdict: a high quality option at a bargain price

3. Find a Cheaper Online Option

There are, of course, various online sellers who supply replacement batteries for the Galaxy S5 for under £5/$10. These tend to come with very mixed reviews, with some customers complaining that the battery they were supplied was second hand or failed to hold anything like the charge of the original battery.

If you’re going to take this option then please do remember that it’s a bit of a gamble. Whilst we’d be reluctant to endorse finding the cheapest possible option, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t find an adequate replacement battery for the Galaxy S5. We’d caution you not to go for anything higher than 2800 mAh as this is the highest rating that the phone can handle; anything more is both unnecessary and likely to do more harm than good.

Verdict: a gamble, but could work if you’re lucky!

4. Portable Charger for Samsung Galaxy S5

If you’re looking for the best replacement for the Galaxy S5 then another option is to keep the original battery that was supplied with the phone and invest in a portable charger instead.

These come in various shapes and sizes. The premise is very simple: you simply plug your phone into the portable charger, allowing you to recharge your S5 batter on the move.

A couple of products that have caught our eye are the Urban Revolt Power Bank and the Aukey External Battery Pack.

Portable Charger for Samsung Galaxy S5The former is very small and looks a lot like a USB storage device. It carries around 2200 mAh which should be enough to charge your Galaxy S5 to almost full capacity. If you’re commuting and use your phone on the train, for example, this is a good alternative to a replacement battery. It’s going to be a lot less fiddly to plug in a small charger than open up your Galaxy whilst standing on the tube/metro. It’s also pretty stylish and comes in a wide range of colours.

A bigger product like the Aukey offers something quite different. It’s much bigger and far less portable, but allows enough to charge to get your Galaxy S5 up to full capacity 2 or 3 x over. If you’re traveling or on an expedition where you really need a charged phone but won’t have access to power for a few days then this is a great option.

Verdict: not a replacement battery for the Galaxy S5, but a good alternative for all smartphone owners on the move.

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