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What is the Samsung Alternative to iTunes?

In the last few months we’ve put together a number of guides for people looking for alternatives to Apple products and services, including “what is the Samsung alternative to iMessage?” and “what is the Samsung alternative to Facetime?” Perhaps the best known of all Apple’s programs is iTunes. So, what is the Samsung alternative to iTunes, and is it any good?

What is the Samsung Alternative to iTunes?

It’s always a strange experience moving over from one phone manufacturer to another. Users who make the switch from Apple to Samsung often have a number of questions about how to replicate the programs and functions that they’ve enjoyed on their iPhone. Finding a suitable alternative to iTunes is another of these questions.

What is the Samsung alternative to iTunes? Well, the first answer is that there isn’t actually a Samsung alternative to iTunes as such. In 2012 they introduced Samsung Music Hub, but this was discontinued in 2014. Much like iTunes, Music Hub had offered an internet streaming service which offered users the change to buy music online and sync their existing music collection with their Samsung mobile device.

However, there are several ways to enjoy listening to your music on your Samsung smartphone. Some allow you to transfer your existing music library on your phone, whilst others offer a range of features including streaming music.

Option 1: Samsung Milk Music

Samsung’s Milk Music streaming service was introduced in 2014. It offers an ad-free streaming service for Samsung smartphones – initially just a small selection Samsung smartphones including the Galaxy III, 4 and 5 – and gives users the option to control their listening choices by selecting from genres and sub-genres. It’s a Samsung-only option, so won’t apply to other Android users.

However, Milk Music was initially generally considered to be a poor rival to alternative services such as Spotify. Users often found that the navigation tools were frustratingly complex, and basic users were limited to 6 ‘skips’ per hour of listening.

Samsung have now introduced a premium option for Milk Music at $3.99/month, offering unlimited ad-free listening and offline play. They’ve also introduced new features which allow you to synchronise your listening across your Samsung devices using a Samsung Account. It looks like Samsung have worked hard to iron out some of the initial flaws that reviewers picked up on.

Samsung Milk Music is a reasonable alternative to iTunes if you’re primarily looking to stream music and are happy with the limitations of the basic package or don’t mind paying $3.99/month for premium. However, music aficionados are more likely to prefer Spotify’s higher streaming quality and easier navigation.

We’re expecting Samsung to work hard on Milk Music over the next couple of years, so it could well be a great option for Samsung users. However, it’s more of an alternative to Spotify than iTunes.

Option 2: Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies allows you to transfer all sorts of media from your PC to your Samsung smartphones. It lets you transfer music, photos, video and more. It’s also a great way to ensure that you’re notified of any available updates to your device’s firmware.

Kies is probably the closest Samsung alternative to iTunes, but it lacks the sophistication of iTunes and will almost certainly frustrate even the most ardent Samsung fan. It’s designed as a catch-all rather than a pure music player, and to be honest it’s not much of an alternative to iTunes.

If you’re looking to transfer your music library from your PC to your smartphone then Samsung Kies is certainly one way to do it. However, if this was all that Samsung had to offer then you’d forgive people for thinking that the iPhones/iTunes setup is a much better option.

Option 3: Convert Your Existing iTunes Library

What is the Samsung alternative to iTunes? Well, in this case it might well be to use iTunes.

There are several apps that enable you to transfer your iTunes library to your Samsung smartphone. Here are some of the most common, with an overview of the features that they offer:


With DoubleTwist you simply import your current music library and take advantage of a huge range of functions. It’s a dedicated iTunes alternative for desktop users, and allows you to sync your music with your Samsung smartphone via USB or wireless.


MediaMonkey is a very popular solution for the serious music collector, previously existing as a desktop-only alternative to iTunes. An Android app has recently been released, allowing you to manage your music library and enjoy it on your Samsung smartphone.

Wondershare MobileGo

MobileGo is a powerful app that gives you a wide ranging functionality. It can be used to transfer music, photo, video and other files between your devices. You can also use it do handy things like backup your address book and save text messages.


iSyncr is an app which allows you to sync your iTunes library to your Android device. It’s currently ¬£2.99 in the Play store. You can keep your iTunes playlists, for example, showing the compatibility that iSyncr provides. In fact, pretty much everything you’d expect to see in iTunes is transferred across, including album artwork, play count and even your ratings.

Conclusion: What is the Samsung Alternative to iTunes?

It has to be said that there isn’t a Samsung offering which matches the simplicity of iTunes. However, there are several options for the keen music lover. DoubleTwist is a great option if you’re starting from scratch. iSyncr is probably our favourite way to transfer your existing iTunes library to your Samsung smartphone. And Samsung Milk music looks like a neat way to stream music – and at good value. The challenge, of course, is keeping pace with Spotify and the movement away from owning music. It seems that discerning music lovers are much more concerned about quality and less bothered about price.

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