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How to Set up Your Samsung Galaxy S5

So you’ve just bought a Samsung Galaxy S5. But you’ve no idea where to start? Fear not! We’ve got you covered. It really isn’t as intimidating as it looks, honest! Just follow our step by step guide on how to set up your Samsung Galaxy S5.

First thing’s first, you’ll need to get your new toy out of the box and put the pieces together. Next, there are a few simple essential steps to get your phone started. Finally, choose which optional extras you want to use with your phone. And that’s it. You’re ready to go.

Assemble the Parts

OK, so if you’re new to Android or Smartphones, once you’ve opened the box and got over the shiny newness, you may feel a bit daunted. There are a few pieces that need fitting together in the right places. But just think of it as a really easy jigsaw puzzle. And we’re showing you how to do it!

To get started, peel off any protective packaging from your S5. Turn your phone face down and locate the small gap on the left edge (near the top). Use a fingernail to prise the back off the phone.

There are then three pieces that you need to put into your handset; the battery, micro SD memory card (the smaller chip) and your SIM card (larger chip).

Beside the camera lens, you will see a metal clip. This is going to house both your micro SD and your SIM. Slide the (larger) SIM into the lower slot. The metal contacts should be facing down and the cut off corner goes in first. Then repeat with the micro SD in the upper slot, narrow end first.

Next, insert the battery into the large battery well. Line up the battery’s metal contacts with the well’s metal pins and press it down firmly into place. Finally, re-attach the phone’s back by pressing it back on where you took it from. Then replace the USB cover on the bottom of the handset and you have successfully assembled your S5!

Essential Starters

That’s the hardest bit done. With the phone assembled, turn it on using the power button, and a ‘setup wizard’ will help you to get it started.

On the first screen, you’re prompted to set your phone’s language. Tap the drop down menu and select your preferred language from the options available. Then tap ‘start’.

Next up, you’re asked to choose a WiFi network to complete the phone setup. You can skip this and use your mobile data, but it’s quicker (and therefore advisable) to use a WiFi connection if possible. Select your WiFi network by tapping on the relevant network from the options displayed. Then tap ‘connect’. Enter your WiFi password, if prompted. After a few seconds, your phone should connect to your chosen WiFi network. When connected, tap ‘next’.

You’re now prompted to read and agree to the EULA (or ‘End User License Agreement’). Read the information, and tap to tick the box, indicating your acceptance. (NB you must agree to the EULA to continue using the phone). Finally, you’re asked whether you agree to Samsung using some of your non-personal data such as phone-usage. This one’s up to you; tap either ‘yes’ or ‘no thanks’, depending on your preference.

Optional Extras

The final stage of setting up your S5, provides you with various options to sync your phone with a range of accounts such as Google, Samsung and Dropbox. At each stage, you will have the option to ‘sign in’ (if you have an existing account), ‘create an account’ (if you don’t already have one but would like one) or ‘skip’ that stage. (To keep this article as simple and practical as possible, a detailed explanation of each option available can be found elsewhere). With each of these, you are able to go back and sign in or create an account later, if you don’t wish to do so at this stage.

After the Google account option, you will see a screen with various settings options such as ‘backup and restore’, ‘location’ and ‘communication’. Tap to indicate your preferred options, then tap the forwards arrow. If you’ve logged into Google, your phone will sync with your Google accounts, unless you prompt it not to.

On the next screen, tap on the text boxes and enter your name, then click the forwards arrow. After you’ve been asked about Samsung and Dropbox accounts, you’ll be prompted to name your device. You can use the name provided or tap on the text box, delete and replace it with one of your own. Finally, tap ‘finish’.

You may be prompted to complete a software update at this stage. If so, you should go ahead and agree to it. And it’s as simple as that, you’re done!

How to Set up Your Samsung Galaxy S5

The whole process of getting your S5 set up, shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. Once you’ve put all the pieces together, the setup wizard walks you through the whole process; from the essential starters such as setting the language and agreeing to the terms of use, to syncing your phone with your preferred accounts.

You may wish to transport data such as contacts or music across from another phone. Geek Squad provides detailed instructions on how to do this from various devices.

For getting to know your S5 better, Android Central have a range of helpful tips and tricks.

Now you’re up and running, go ahead and enjoy the range of features on your shiny new device.

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