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What can we expect from the Samsung Galaxy S6?

*UPDATE* We’ve now updated our article asking what can we expect from the Samsung Galaxy S6 in response to Samsung’s S6 Press Release on 1 March 2015. Unsurprisingly, we got some things right and some things wrong. If you scroll down to the bottom of this article you’ll get an even more accurate indication of what we can expect from the Samsung Galaxy S6…. *UPDATE*

What can we expect from the Samsung Galaxy S6?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be officially announced at the Mobile World Congress on 1 March. Samsung’s new flagship phone is expected to improve on design and hardware criticised in the S5, and combines the best-received features of the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Edge series.

Samsung’s profits have dropped dramatically in recent months, due to ever-growing competition, and positive reception to the new flagship model is particularly important. So what can we expect from the Samsung Galaxy S6?

One of the main criticisms of previous models has been the plastic body that has been featured in all of the Galaxy S range. It is expected that the S6 will have a metal unibody like the Apple iPhone. Samsung have already used a metal body on the Galaxy A3, A5 and A7, and it seems likely that this will be the preferred material for their new flagship phone.

In terms of screen size, what can we expect from the Samsung Galaxy S6? There have been predictions that it could be anything between 5 and 5.5 inches. It may be that the S5 reached a maximum at 5.1 inches and Samsung plan to start decreasing the Galaxy S range in size, leaving the larger ‘phablet’ design for the Note Galaxy series.

All of Samsung’s recent models have featured the AMOLED display, so we can expect to see that featured again in the S6. There have also been suggestions that the S6 will have a 2560 x1440 QHD screen rather than the 1920 x 1080 HD screen that we saw on the S5. It’s uncertain how much of a difference in image sharpness and resolution the average user will notice from the higher definition screen, but we can expect to see that latest in high definition featured in Samsung’s new releases.

The S6 is expected to have either a 16 megapixel or 20 megapixel camera, with the optical image stabilisation previously featured in the Note 4. In the era of the selfie, it is also expected that Samsung will improve the front-facing camera from previous S models.

When it comes to software, what can we expect from the Samsung Galaxy S6? The model is anticipated to have the Android 5.0 Lollipop OS with the Samsung TouchWiz user interface, although it is suggested that Samsung are intending to reduce the use of TouchWiz to create a sharper and quicker smartphone experience.

The processor is still under discussion, with predictions to see the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 octa-processor under doubt following rumours of the processor overheating during testing. It seems increasingly likely that Samsung will opt for their own Exynos 7420 processor.

The fingerprint sensor is expected to have been fine-tuned, following criticisms of the ‘gimmicky’ and often flawed sensor found in the S5 and Note 4. The S6 will have 32GB, 64 GB or 128GB of storage capacity, although Samsung designs tend to rise steeply in price as the storage size increases.

When it comes to design, what can we expect from the Samsung Galaxy S6? This is difficult to predict, as Samsung models are some of the most diverse in shape and form. The S6 could feature the curved side that was well-received on the Samsung Note Edge, as rumours abound that LG prototypes will feature two curved sides.

On the other hand, Samsung could maintain the classic shape of the S series up until now, and reserve the curved sides for the Note series. It has been suggested that Samsung will release multiple models in different designs, but again that’s just speculation at this point. Another factor to consider is the accessory market, as producers may be reluctant to commit to a wide range of cases in a unique shape, reducing accessory options for users. However, Samsung’s new flagship model is likely to make big waves in the smartphone world, so it’s likely that accessory producers will want to invest in cases for the S6.

So what can we expect from the Samsung Galaxy S6? We can make our predictions, but ultimately we have to wait until 1 March when Samsung will unveil the new model at the Galaxy Unpacked event at Mobile World Congress to see if we’re right.


Samsung unveiled their new Galaxy S6 smartphone at a high profile event in Barcelona on 1 March 2015. As we anticipated, Samsung’s much-expected move from plastic bodies to metal and glass phones is well underway, with the new S6 featuring a gorgeous metal and glass body. It will also come in a range of options with jewel tones including White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum, Blue Topaz and Green Emerald setting the Galaxy S6 apart from other phones on the market.

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 has a gorgeous metal and glass body that is expected to provide stiff competition to Apple's iPhone 6...

In our speculation about what can we expect from the Samsung Galaxy S6 we were right about the camera too. The new Galaxy S6 camera will be a real beauty; the 16 megapixel camera is impressive, but more attractive still is in the f1.9 aperture lens which will be fitted to both the front and rear cameras. Having a f1.9 lens on a phone is mighty impressive; it will allow users to generate the kind of soft-focus, impressive depth-of-field images that until now have only really been possible with a digital SLR and f1.8 prime lens. Needless to say, this will provide stiff competition to the iPhone 6, which currently features a f2.2 aperture. It’s a small difference, but for photography buffs the Samsung Galaxy S6’s f1.9 aperture lens will be a huge draw, and in a competitive market Samsung will need every advantage that they can get.

Perhaps the biggest improvement that the Samsung Galaxy S6 brings in terms of technology will be the wireless charging facility. This allows you to charge your phone without plugging it in. Samsung are suggesting that you should be able to achieve up to 4 hours charge in only 10 minutes. This is certainly impressive, and with charging speeds of up to 1.5x faster than the S5 it’s a big step in the right direction. We’re expecting to see Samsung’s Galaxy S6 wireless charging facility becoming increasingly common across their range of smartphones.

Now that Samsung have introduced their new Galaxy S6 Smartphone, what can we expect from the Samsung Galaxy S6? Well, it looks like this will again be the best Samsung phone yet, with a metal body and the usual array of top-end specifications. However, the biggest pull factor will almost certainly be the glass and metal body. Get this right, and the Samsung Galaxy S6 might be the rival that Apple have been dreading and Samsung executives have been dreaming of…

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