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Home Automation using your Samsung mobile

It might sound like something from a sci-fi movie, but home automation using your Samsung mobile is very much something of a reality for 2015. Samsung’s recent acquisition of SmartThings will make linking your mobile to gadgets in your home easier than ever before.

What is Samsung Home Automation?

Have you ever lain awake in bed, trying to remember if you locked the front door? Or come home to a cold house because you didn’t set the timer on your central heating? Home automation with your mobile enables you to get past niggles like this by allowing you to control and monitor your own home at the touch of a button. Locking your doors, controlling your lights, switching on the heating – all of these can now be done remotely. Home automation makes the systems and electronic components you already use on a daily basis work together.

How does home automation on your Samsung mobile work?

In April last year, Samsung launched its Smart Home initiative. Using a simple smartphone application and the Cloud-Based Smart Home Server, this technology enables you to control a variety of home devices, including the Samsung Smart TV and other entertainment systems, white goods, wearable devices and even your vacuum cleaner. But it’s Samsung’s recent acquisition of SmartThings that has really secured their role as one of the leaders of the home automation scene.

Samsung and SmartThings

SmartThings are a Washington-based, Kickstarter-born start-up who entered the scene in 2012 and have quickly become one of the brightest names in smart home technology. They offer relatively affordable smart home kits, which include things like motion sensors, remote power switches, key fobs that let you know when family members return home and other general-use smart home gear.

These all hook-up through a central Hub which can be controlled by a free smartphone app. Its affordability and easy installation (SmartThings say that all you need for the DIY installation is 15 minutes and a broadband Internet connection) as well as a lack of contracts or monthly fees make these smart home kits a very real possibility for the average home.

SmartThings installations may not be in the average home yet, but they are growing, and now, with the force of Samsung backing them, they plan to leverage Samsung’s resources and global scale to develop more tools, making smart homes a reality for more and more people.

Home Automation using your Samsung Mobile

As one of the biggest tech companies in the world, Samsung’s role in the home automation scene is an important one. They make every kind of device, from kettles to TVs, to the smartphones that could potentially control them. By harnessing SmartThings’ home automation expertise and combining it with its own broad range of home technology, as well as its popular smartphones, Samsung is in a unique position to tackle the smart home market holistically.

It won’t be long before you’ll be downloading an app on your smartphone to monitor and control your smart home. What do you think about home automation using your Samsung mobile? Get in touch with us on Samsung Geek’s Facebook page, or comment below.

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