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What makes Samsung Mobile different to other Android manufacturers?

The smartphone world is a highly competitive industry, and Samsung Mobile is just one of a plethora of Android manufacturers striving to deliver the best new technology to an increasingly expectant consumer market. 2015 will not only see the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6, but also new smartphone models from HTC, LG, and Google to name a few of the big players. So with all this competition, what is it that sets Samsung apart from the rest? What makes Samsung Mobile different to other Android manufacturers?

World-leading display technology

To start with, Samsung is a global leader in screen technology. In fact, Samsung supplies display screens to some of its biggest competitors, including Apple. With strong links to the Russian Academy of Science, Samsung have long been ahead of the game when it comes to using cutting-edge technology to produce industry-leading screen displays. Take the Galaxy Note 4, for example. Its 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display is widely praised as the reigning champion of smartphone screen displays. It offers an (as yet) unrivalled viewing experience with razor sharp images, better viewing angles and ultra-fast response times in a range of situations and conditions.

Control of the Whole Chain

It’s not just the screen displays that set Samsung Mobile apart though. Whilst other Android manufacturers compile parts from various suppliers to create their phones, Samsung makes the whole phone. Its software development centre in Silicon Valley makes the memory chips, the cameras, the processors that are not only in their own smartphones but also in many others – including the iPhone 5’s microprocessor. This means Samsung Mobile’s line of smartphones are outfitted with the best mobile components that money can buy.

Fast and Flexible

It also means that Samsung Mobile can take a flexible and creative approach to their product design, enabling them to respond to every corner of the market. They produce a range of similar devices in various sizes and watch the market to see which sells best. For example, when market research showed that some people thought the Galaxy S III handset was too big, Samsung were able to create the same phone with a smaller screen and released the Galaxy S III mini within 7 months. Samsung Mobile has the capacity to make every phone, at every size, at every price for every market.

Out-Of-The-Box Performance

Finally, whilst many other Android manufacturers promote their smartphones by focussing on the apps you can download, Samsung Mobile has taken an alternative approach. Their attitude is, “Why download an app when you’ve already got it on your phone?” And with this in mind, Samsung smartphones come with loads of features pre-installed, negating the need to purchase and download apps.

What makes Samsung Mobile different to other Android manufacturers?

So, what makes Samsung Mobile different to other Android manufacturers? Best out-of-the-box performance, cutting-edge screen technology, flexibility and quality production all set Samsung Mobile apart from their competitors. With this in mind, we’re excited to see what they’ll deliver this coming year. Take a look and get a taste of what Samsung has got in store for 2015…

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