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Does Micro SD speed class matter?

The Micro SD speed class is an indication of the data transfer rates you can expect to achieve from your Micro Secure Digital drive. If you are looking to buy a Samsung Micro SD, SanDisk Micro SD, or any other brand of Micro SD card for your Samsung Galaxy Phone you are going to want to ensure you get the best speed class possible.


One of the main benefits of owning a Samsung Mobile is the ability to expand the storage of the device relatively cheaply using a MicroSD card (some exceptions apply including the new Samsung Galaxy Alpha). Here at Samsung Geeks we often hear of readers and friends falling for cheap external mobile storage who then subsequently see their phone performance drop as the external memory card slows down the device. There are therefore three key things to remember when buying a MicroSD card:


1. Getting the best class of Micro SD memory for your mobile phone is just as important as the brand of the memory card.

Both brand and speed class are important. Choose a good brand from a reputable supplier and you’ll be ensuring you have a quality product. SanDisk, Kingston, and of course Samsung themselves are a safe bet. Choose the right speed class and you will ensure your devices run quickly and the card will handle the tasks you want to throw at it. Whatever you do make sure you check out reviews, buy from a reputable supplier (avoid fakes), and check out our definitive guide to SD classes (click here).


2. Buy a slightly bigger MicroSD card than you think you actually need.

When you have more storage you often end up using more – that includes storing more HD movies for on the go. You are going to find this particularly relevant if you have a phablet such as a Samsung Galaxy Note and/or are a heavy user. So get yourself the next storage size up. Now that SD card prices are lower than ever the price difference isn’t likely to be massive unless you are buying the latest speed class (i.e. UHS-3).


3. A big chunk of internal storage is used by Android and Samsung Touchwiz (8Gb for Galaxy S5 – read more here) and some apps cannot be installed on MicroSD cards.

Not everything can be stored on external storage cards – some apps will only allow you to install them on internal memory. As a rule of thumb 16Gb of internal memory will leave you with 8Gb of internal storage – the other 8Gb will be taken up by the operating system (Android). This will be fine for light to normal users but if you are into HD gaming on your phone or just don’t like uninstalling apps then 16Gb probably isn’t going to cut it. Here at Samsung Geeks we’d recommend getting 32Gb internal memory (24Gb of which will be usable) and then adding a Micro SD card on top if you need extra storage.


Want to know what the Micro SD classes are? Have a need for external storage speed? Check out our Micro SD speed classes explained article here.

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