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What are the best Samsung phones in 2014?

This week, just as we start to write our Christmas lists, we’re asking: what are the best Samsung phones in 2014?

Since the arrival of the first Galaxy Note in 2011, Samsung have been leading the ‘phablet’ market, producing mobile devices with large screens and features that make them a halfway house between traditional tablets and smartphones. The success of the Galaxy range is hard to deny, with independent acclaim, a loyal customer following (as Samsung Geeks will know), and Apple’s latest offering – the iPhone 6 – looking very much like it has been influenced by Samsung’s design. Three years on from the original Galaxy Note, there are now a dazzling array of Samsung smartphones to choose from.

Three of the most important Samsung phones in 2014 are the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note, and the (lesser talked about) Galaxy Alpha, along with these models’ variations (such as the Galaxy S5 Active and Galaxy Note Edge). Which is the very best? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. Here are our best Samsung phones in 2014:

The best Samsung phones in 2014: The Galaxy S5 range

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the best all rounder of the 2014 Samsung smartphone family. What really sets it apart is its camera with High Dynamic Range (HDR) functionality – the camera takes multiple shots at various exposure levels and combines the results into a single shot with balanced contrast. It boasts a large, high resolution display, and also ticks the practical box with reasonable battery life. More excitingly, (though perhaps less importantly), it has improved fingerprint sensor technology that can be used for unlocking the phone as well as processing paypal transactions.

The Galaxy S5 is good for the clumsy or sporty, given its durability and waterproofing, though if these features are important to you you should consider the Galaxy S5 Active. The S5 Active exchanges the fingerprint sensor for durable buttons and a tough plastic shell – meaning you can dunk it, drop it, and even throw it with no harm done.

The best Samsung phones in 2014: The Galaxy Note range

If you’re not planning on throwing or dunking your phone, but sophisticated design and features are more important to you, the Galaxy Note 4 might be the model for you. Fans of the Galaxy Note 4 are evangelistic in their love of this phone, and you can see why – with fantastic big screen features and the unique ‘S Pen’ for note taking and operating the phone, it really does have something unique to offer in the often homogeneous smartphone market. Its emphasis on ‘multi-tasking’, with multi-window features, make it perfect for social media. The update on the Note 4, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, has taken much of what makes the Galaxy Note so excellent, and adds a quirky curved screen (giving the same kind of effect as an infinity pool). It’s not only designed to look cool, but to improve the functionality of those who are using the phone more like a multi-tasking tablet.

The best Samsung phones in 2014: The Galaxy Alpha

Despite its name, the Alpha is not the first phone on many Samsung fans’ wishlists in 2014. It is true that its battery life and display fall short of both the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S5 ranges. Yet the Alpha is still an excellent phone, with Samsung’s unique fingerprint sensor technology and a powerful processor. It’s also smaller and lighter than many of its Galaxy siblings. For those who want a classically designed metal phone that fits in the palm of your hand, this may well be the best pick.

If you’re after a big and beautiful screen display and unique features, it’s likely that any of the phones in Samsung’s 2014 Galaxy range will meet your needs.

What are the best Samsung phones in 2014?

In terms of working out which one is best for you, it might be worth thinking about what you feel like you’re missing in your current phone. Constantly worrying about cracking your screen? Then you might appreciate the robust Galaxy S5 Active. Frustrated with a phone that gets flustered when you try and ask it to move quickly between tasks and open multiple applications? Then the Galaxy Note Edge will probably be great for you. Or if you’re craving simple design in metal rather than plastic, then the Galaxy Alpha could be the pick for you.

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