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What is the Samsung alternative to iMessage?

This week we’re looking at Samsung alternatives to two of Apple’s most popular messaging/communication apps. In this article we’ll be asking what is the Samsung alternative to iMessage?

iMessage is a hugely popular app, giving iPhone users the ability to instant message for free (and without using up your text allowance) wherever there is good 3/4G or a Wi-Fi connection available. It’s true that the app has some great features, including the ability to group message, see when your message has been viewed (and when someone is typing back), and quickly send videos and pictures. There’s also the option to use the app across apple devices. Yet iMessage is far from perfect. Some users find it unreliable (with messages disappearing, only to reappear in flood). Apple have even found themselves with a lawsuit on their hands over their refusal to diversify across android devices, with users claiming that it ‘traps’ them in Apple products. So what is the Samsung alternative to iMessage?

There really is no need to be trapped in the world of Apple because you can’t face losing iMessage, and dedicated Android users needn’t miss out on the benefits of instant messaging. There are loads of great alternatives to iMessage for Samsung, including dedicated apps like WhatsApp and Viber, offerings from technological giants Google and Facebook, and Samsung’s very own software: ChatOn.

What is the Samsung Alternative to iMessage?

As a piece of Samsung software, ChatOn is a sensible place to start as an alternative to iMessage for Samsung devices. We’ve written about how much we like ChatON before. It has all the main features of iMessage, but is arguably a more creative alternative. With the ability to connect all your devices to the app, group message, and send pictures and video, you don’t lose anything moving from iMessage to ChatON (not even those cheeky emoticons − Samsung have their own versions, called ‘stamps’). In fact, what you gain is the ability to send animations and voice messages, as well as sharing your current location (much like Facebook’s ‘nearby friends’ feature). While the app could do without its controversial ‘buddy interaction’ lists feature, seemingly designed to cause social tension rather than connectivity by ranking your contacts in terms of the amount of interaction you have with them, overall it’s a great option as an alternative to iMessage.

What are the most popular alternatives to iMessage?

The obvious catch with all instant messaging app options is that, to communicate with someone, you both have to have the app installed. This is where platforms such as WhatsApp and Viber can be attractive. WhatsApp is the most widely used of all the instant messaging apps, with more than 450 million users and counting per month, and was bought by Facebook for $19bn in February this year. While there’s nothing flashy about WhatsApp, its popularity (and the fact that it can be used across the board on Android and iPhone devices) means your friends are more likely to already have it installed. Unfortunately, unlike most instant messaging apps, WhatsApp is no longer free, charging a small subscription fee of $1 per year (though they often do special offers − they’re currently offering a free trial for a year). If you can’t bear to pay the $1 a year, Viber also a popular (and good) alternative. Fans of the app have long been using it to make free calls, and it maintains its spot as one of the top alternatives to iMessage with its incredibly quick set up: by automatically importing your contacts, you can get messaging in less than a minute from downloading.

Google and Facebook offer their own alternatives to iMessage

As you might guess, technological giants Google and Facebook are not keen on missing out on the instant messaging marketing, and have their own alternatives to iMessage. While Facebook now owns WhatsApp, their Messenger app is still a simple, clean option. Google Hangouts are great for video chats (especially as a group) and − much like Skype – you also have the option to instant message.

Picking the right Samsung iMessage alternative for you

There is no one standout Samsung alternative to iMessage, but a lot of great options, which is part of the problem when choosing which instant messaging app to pick. If you want an app that makes the most of your Samsung phone’s unique features, then ChatOn is probably the one for you, given that it makes use of devices such as the Galaxy Note’s S Pen. Fans of Google’s other apps such as Google Drive and Google Calendar may well be drawn to Hangouts, just as Facebook fans will probably feel most at home with Facebook Messenger. Ultimately, the most useful app for you will be the one which the greatest number of you contacts have − which could well be Whatsapp.

Whichever you choose, you’ll get more out of it if more of your contacts are on it, so encourage them to download whichever app you go for. Whatever you do, if you’ve been using iMessage on any of your devices, don’t forget to let your contacts know you’re moving to a different app and ensure you turn it off, as they won’t be notified that you’ve left, and you might even experience problems receiving texts from other Apple phones.

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