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How to Improve Battery Life on the Samsung Galaxy S5

We’ve all experienced the frustration of a dead phone battery at a crucial time. Whether you’re at work or on holiday, getting a flat battery when you’re away from a charger is a hugely frustrating experience. The development of modern smartphones certainly hasn’t helped, with high resolution displays and constant internet connectivity taking huge reserves of power to maintain. However, there is good news, particularly when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S5. In this blog we’ll explore how to improve battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S5, most notably by using Samsung’s Ultra Power-Saving Mode.

1. Power-Saving Mode

This option offers nothing really different than any other handheld device released in the past several years but it certainly does the job. This mode can be found on the phone’s “Settings” menu and once switched on it allows you to obstruct background app data, switch the phone display to grayscale, adjust screen brightness, switch off the backlight of keys, and lower the screen frame rate.
Though this mode will limit the phone’s performance and processing power, by making these adjustments you enable yourself to enhance the S5’s battery life to a satisfactory extent.

2. Ultra Power-Saving Mode

Now, this feature is what makes the Galaxy S5 particularly attractive. Samsung claims that the Ultra Power-Saving Mode will grant as much as 12 and a half hours of battery life once fully charged. This makes the device particularly handy in certain emergencies (e.g. setting off to work and forgetting to fully charge your phone!).

In exchange for extra battery life, the feature demands quite a significant reduction of your phone’s capabilities. This will include changing your display to grayscale and only allowing you to use a select few apps including Phone, Messages, Internet, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, ChatON, Clock, Calculator, Memo and Voice Recorder.

By default, the mode will also disable the phone’s mobile data and connectivity features such as Wi-fi and Bluetooth. This however is not compulsory. There are options available where you can adjust the brightness of the grayscale display (if you happen to be using the mode in quite a dark location) and can manually switch your Wi-fi and/or Bluetooth back on if you so wish. This can be altered in the “Settings” and “Limited Settings” menu. Though this somewhat defeats the point of the Ultra Power-Saving Mode it still allows you to be pretty flexible based on your intentions.

3. Display Time Out

By default the Galaxy S5 is set on a 30 second timer before the screen switches off. If you want to squeeze as much life as you can get out of the device, a good idea would be changing the timer to its lowest setting: 15 seconds. This may only make a small difference but it’s an effective step when combined with other energy-saving measures.

4. Display Brightness

When turned up, the phone’s display brightness can be a life sucker. Turning it down will certainly help you get the most out of your phone. The Galaxy S5 is an impressive 22% brighter than its predecessor, the S4. Whilst Samsung’s latest devices offer unbelievably high-quality display resolutions and brightness, there is much to be said for adjusting display brightness whenever you’re concerned about battery life.

The S5 also has an auto brightness feature that will adjust the display brightness to the surrounding conditions. Although this is a valuable feature, activating the phone’s sensors is likely to use additional energy. If you’re looking to maximise battery life then it’s probably advisable to alter brightness levels manually rather than using the automatic feature.

These are just a few introductory ideas on how to improve the battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S5. If you’ve found further tips and ideas then please feel free to share them in the comments section…

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