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What is the S Pen?

Humans have used pens ever since approximately 3000 BC. In that time, we have progressed from the reed pen of the Ancient Egyptians to the modern ball point pen via the quill pen and the fountain pen.

What is the S Pen?

However, only during the last three years have we had the privilege of seeing the pen enter the digital age with the introduction of the S Pen when the first Samsung Galaxy Note was launched in October 2011. Designed to work as a portable mouse, the S Pen allows users of smart devices far more precise input than fingers alone. It is also faster and more accurate than conventional stylus pens.

When Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 4 – the latest in the iconic Note Series – on Wednesday 3 September 2014, it came with an updated and improved S Pen, which has evolved and progressed along with the popular smartphone.

One of the most important developments in the S Pen is the doubling in pressure sensitivity, from the 1024 levels of the Note 2 and Note 3 to the 2048 levels of the recently released Note 4.

This improves the handwriting experience significantly and allows users better control of writing speed pressure and the angle against the screen, as well as ensuring thickness and concentration levels that are better customised.

Additionally, increased levels of pressure sensitivity mean that the S Pen can now imitate several pens and writing types, including a fountain pen, which was not offered by previous Notes, and a calligraphy pen.

Moreover, Samsung have introduced a brand new feature available exclusively on the Note 4’s S Pen called Smart Select, which usefully allows users to select any area of the screen regardless of the content on it, streamlining the copying and pasting process. As a result, it is quick and easy to capture several pieces of content that you wish to save on your smartphone or share with your friends from many different sources. This exciting new innovation in the S Pen makes it truly comparable to a computer mouse and greatly enhances the user’s experience of the product.

Photo Note is perhaps the most important and valuable S Pen enhancement to come with the Note 4 for students. Photo Note allows users to convert photos into editable objects, which can then be stored as a digital file. That means an end to students frantically taking down notes from the whiteboard in lectures, since the Photo Note handily lets them take a picture of the class notes from the board and also gives them the freedom to add their own personalised notes as well through the editing feature.

S Pen Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

The S Pen is not just for students, however. Its immense practicality and convenience will appeal to all smartphone users. Perhaps the most convenient feature is the action memo, which functions like a digital pen and paper for people on the move, as it allows you to jot down information and use it immediately thanks to handwriting recognition. You can then use that handwritten note to send an email, browse the web, open up a map, create a new task, send a text or even just to make a good old fashioned phone call.

So, what is the S Pen? In a sentence, the highest stage in the evolution of pen technology. Click here to check out the best apps to use with the S Pen.

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