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Galaxy S4 Launch Event UK

Samsung Mobile UK generously invited Samsung Geeks to the Galaxy S4 launch event this weekend. Not only were we extremely pleased to see how well received the Galaxy S4 was by customers, but also how well Samsung UK treated its customers. We’ve been to a couple of launch events which have been a bit damp-squibish, but we really had a wonderful time and it looked like everyone else did, too!

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I’ve written before about the Samsung’s evolution as a brand in the mobile industry, and it’s nice to see that they are really embracing customer needs and bring a bit of warmth and humanity to what used to be something stoic, suited and enterprisey. The retail launch event started at 9am in Samsung’s flagship store in Westfield Stratford. Costumers queuing outside (a lot of people!), some of whom had been queuing for almost 24 hours, were treated to a champagne breakfast while they waited patiently for their shiny Galaxy S4 in the rare London sunshine! Here’s a video from Terry Walsh of the moment the doors opened to the public!

Here’s a picture of the tired looking chap who queued all night to be the first in line to get the phone!

First Galaxy S4 Customer in the UK

The queues didn’t die down all morning and there was there was a lot of buzz and excitement around the store – and not just because of the free champagne – but because Samsung UK was creating something which wasn’t just a sales event, but a ‘support’ event for both new and old customers wanting to learn more about the new devices.

Galaxy S4 Launch Event UK 7

Samsung Support

Upstairs in the store’s ‘Smart Academy’, customers were able to have one-to-one lessons about how to use some of the latest Galaxy S4 features, such as Dual Shot, Drama Shot, Smart Pause, Group Play and Air View.

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Galaxy S4 Launch Event UK[/one_half_last]

“It’s great” said Amy from Camden, “Normally you get one of these new phones and you have to learn how to use it… it’s great that there are people here to explain everything”.

There were also staff on hand to help people migrate content from their old device to the Galaxy S4 using (actually extremely impressive) Samsung Smart Switch. This allows quick and easy migration of contacts, images, music, videos, alarms… the lot… from any phone to the new Galaxy S4 handset. This is often a big worry for people switching to a new device, so it’s great to have people on hand to help out with that as soon as you buy the device!

Some Freebies!

Galaxy S4 Launch Event UK 8

Samsung also gave out goodybags to people buying the Galaxy S4 on the day on the day which included free copies of Wired magazine and the rather expensive (and very cool) Galaxy S4 SView Cover.

Galaxy S4 SView Cover

There were competitions throughout the day to win tickets to see Robbie Williams, to see Chelsea, a trip on the London Eye and all sorts of cool stuff!

The Samsung Experience

We had an absolutely great time at the Galaxy S4 UK launch. We were impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the staff (surprisingly rare to find!). If you are looking for a truly great Samsung Experience with a group of knowledgeable people who will bend over backwards to help you and answer your questions – then head over to Samsung’s flagship store in Westfield. I have a feeling we will be seeing a few more of these popping up around the country soon…

Thanks once again to Samsung UK for inviting us along for the morning, for looking after us and showing us around! Stay tuned for some coverage on the Galaxy S4!

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