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Galaxy S4 Scratch Tests & Drop Tests

In this article, we take a look at some durability of the Galaxy S4. There are already a lot of Galaxy S4 scratch tests and Galaxy S4 drop tests around, and these videos already prove popular! There’s nothing more satisfying that watching people attack their expensive devices with knives to know that you don’t have to! The Galaxy S4 is protected with Gorilla Glass 3. Gorilla Glass 3 is the brand name for strengthened glass manufactured by corning: they claim it is is 3X more damage resistant than Gorilla Glass 2. They’ve spouted some stuff on their website about atomic configuration formulas as well as chemical strengthening… but let’s see how it holds out in the real world! Hint: it doesn’t break very easily.

Galaxy S4 Scratch Tests

Galaxy S4 scratch tests - Samsung Geeks


Here’s a Galaxy S4 scratch test from @Nirave from UK Mobile Review puts the Galaxy S4 through its paces with a horrific pounding from two sets of keys! We’ve yet to see a nastier Galaxy S4 scratch test than this one – Nirave really goes for it – you can see the phone wobbling around from the force!

Oh my goodness… the guys at RatedRR take it on themselves to shoot a Galaxy S4 with a 50 Cal. For those that don’t know … that’s a massive bullet. To be honest, we’re not surprised that shooting a massive bullet into a phone destroyed it but… you know… it’s quite fun to watch :D

This next Galaxy S4 scratch test video to emerges from Romanian Samsung Mobiler Szabolcs. He lightly rubs a pen over the Galaxy S4 (failing to draw on it) and then uses a blunt fish knife to tickle it a bit. After that some serated butter knife and kitchen knives are used without the glass getting any scratches. Keys don’t seem to be do any damage either, nor do a few pennies he has lying around.

+We will update this post with our favourite Galaxy S4 scratch tests and drop tests: watch this space+

What have we learnt? If you’re going to buy a Galaxy S4, and want to do so because you want to scratch it with knives – then you have far too much money. If you really want to, though…  go ahead! Nothing’s going to happen. However, I *promise* you, that if you put it in your pocket with a bit of dirt or some sand… it’s going to scratch. Really, it will.

Galaxy S4 Drop Tests

Here is quite a cool ‘Matrix Style’ Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 drop test video from Android Authority. There’s a bit too much Dubstep and Whooaaadudeness for our liking in this video – but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter! What do we learn? Nothing. At the end of the day, it depends how the phone lands  – neither are invincible!

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