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Galaxy S4 Unboxing and Review videos

The Galaxy S4 was announced in May 2013 and now it’s time for consumers to decide whether the Galaxy S4 will be the most popular smartphone of the year. Galaxy S4 review and Galaxy S4 unboxing videos are starting to flood the web – in this article you will find a compilation of some of our favourites from around the web.

With some of the most powerful hardware on the market and some of the most impressive additional software functionality we’ve come across, the Galaxy S4 certainly has a lot of promise. Let’s see what Galaxy S4 unboxings from the around the web think!

Galaxy S4 Unboxing & Reviews

Look out for some spammy adverts in this Galaxy S4 review from Phone Arena. Rather than being a review, it seems a lot more like some dodgy shopping channel. Still, there is a good overview of the Galaxy S4’s main hardware and software features here:

In this “review” from Android Authority some guy reads out the specification sheet from the back of the box! There’s nothing tremendously interesting about this review. We don’t like it very much. Maybe it gets better towards the end? Let us know, we didn’t get that far! “The Galaxy S4 is lighter”, “The Galaxy S4 has a screen, which you can see with your eyes”, “you can use your hands to use the Galaxy S4″… Thanks, Android Authority… thankssszzzzz

A review from UK phone-shop Phones4u by a man with strange black things in his ears gives a good overview of the device in the context of other flagship devices. There is a nice picture of some daffodils and lots of grass in the background, which we like, because it’s spring and it makes us happy! Hurrah for spring!


Ken Price from Samsung USA deals with an [extremely] overexcited interviewer to outline some of the more interesting features of the Galaxy S4. It’s much more focused on the [somewhat bullshit] features-that-you’ll-probably-never-used like S-Translate (which Google-Translate does anyway) and some of the gestural controls. We like this video :-)

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Featured image via Phone Arena

Galaxy S4 Unboxing Retail Packaging

Galaxy S4 Retail Pacaking

As big fans of a greener future, Samsung Geeks are delighted that the Galaxy S4 retail packaging is made out of 100% recycled materials and printed on with bio degradable “soy” ink. Previously reserved for their more eco-friendly products, it’s nice to see a large company like Samsung using this type of packaging.

In this video from Phone Arena, we are treated to one of the best “Unboxing” videos we have ever seen. We get to look at the 100% recyclable retail packaging, and that’s that. Thank goodness for that!! [we don’t like those boring videos that go on for hours and hours and hours].

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