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Galaxy S4 Official Flip Cover Review

Alongside the considerably more expensive and somewhat more functional Galaxy S4 ‘S View’ Cover, comes the standard Galaxy S4 flip cover. We have seen similar variants of this sold by Samsung for the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. There are many benefits to a design like this, the most notable being the obvious screen protection and sleek non-bulky design. The cases work by removing the existing back-cover for the Galaxy S4 and replacing it with the flip cover which has the front “flip” part seamlessly attached.

The plastic and pattern on the back of the cover, match the “carbon fiber” finish of the Galaxy S4 exactly. However, the poly-carbonate (ahem… plastic) finish it is a little thicker to give extra protection to the camera and add all-round robust feeling to device. Personally, I find this reassuring, as the 130g of the S4 can sometimes feel, dare I say it, a little bit too light.

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Galaxy S4 Flip Cover Positives

It’s certainly a good looking cover, it’s also very clever, sleek and stylish. The Galaxy S4 flip cover goes a long way to protecting your Galaxy S4; giving much sturdier support and protection to the back of the device (by replacing it entirely!) and inherently protecting the glass on the front by virtue of the flip cover. It is often a shame to see a(n objectively) good looking device like the Galaxy S4 being covered up in a cheap case which spoil the aesthetics – the Galaxy S4 official flip cover may add a little thickness, but the integrity of the design remains.

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One thing we particularly like about the Galaxy S4 official flip cover is that it still allows easy access to the replaceable battery and expandable Micro SD slot inside. Other covers require that you first remove the case, and then the back cover: as this case is the back cover – it makes the whole process much easier. If you favour carrying around spare batteries and hot-swapping SD cards, then this case is certainly a good option.

As the Galaxy S4 flip cover keeps the device’s glass covered almost all the time you’re not using it, it means that you can probably get away without using a screen protector.

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