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Best Premium Case for Galaxy Note 2: Issentiel Leather Flip Case Review

Based in the South of France, Issentiel is a company which carefully crafts their luxury leather cases and accessories by hand using traditional methods and the most stringent quality control procedures. Touting themselves as “haute couture”, we were interested to see exactly how much finery and quality what you get for your money; so were thrilled to get our hands on a brown Issentiel Leather Flip Case for the Galaxy Note 2. In short: we have not been disappointed.This is the best flip case we have ever encountered.


What do you get?

Issentiel Galaxy Note 2 Prestige Flip Case Samsung Geeks 4

To augment the premium feel, the case arrives packaged in a rather posh box slide-out, made from “french-made 100% recycled cardboard” and smothered in Issentiel’s glossy logo. The logo itself is derived from a sea turtle, which Issentiel have chosen to represent beauty, longevity and rarity – things they want to associate with their premium products. Don’t worry, though… they don’t use the leather of turtles in their actual products!! Only bovine leather is used – these guys take their sustainable resources seriously.

Inside the slide-out box is a rather suave pull-tie cloth bag with some more branding. If you’re a fan of slowly and ritually unpacking products, then this is certainly going to be good fun! It’s like opening a series of Russian Dolls before you even get to the case!

Issentiel Galaxy Note 2 Prestige Flip Case Samsung Geeks 6


At Samsung Geeks we are fans of quality, and I was delighted that, upon opening the bag, the Issentiel flip case reeks of quality; in all senses of the word! It smells more leathery than a cobbler’s workshop and feels both sturdy and solid. Exactly as you would expect from a premium product. The stitching around the leather is neat and concise, there are no loose ends or frayed threads and you don’t get the impression that this is something cheap or tacky.

Issentiel Galaxy Note 2 Prestige Flip Case Samsung Geeks 16

Issentiel cases are hand-crafted in the South of France using traditional methods.

Time will tell how well the case holds up to bashes and bumps, and we will update this post [if necessary] with any signs of unwarranted degradation and/or damage. The Galaxy Note 2 fits into the case nice and snug, it doesn’t move around inside and feels very much ‘at one’ with the case.

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