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Samsung Geeks – What’s new and what’s next

Welcome one and all to the brand spanking new SamsungGeeks.com! We’ve spent weeks perfecting, tweaking and labouring over our new design and now we want to tell you all about it. There’s still some polish to be applied but lend us your ears whilst we give you a run through of what is new and what is yet to come. As always we’d really like to hear your feedback on the new design and our future plans so leave your opinions in the comments!

Our new look

Dom and I started Samsung Geeks with a really simple objective in mind – to create a website which does away with all of the nonsense and focuses on one thing – Samsung technology. We keep things simple – focusing on facts, sharing helpful tips, discussing rumours, and doing so in a way which is accessible to all levels of Samsung Geeks. We remain separate from Samsung, impartial, and lovers of technology in general. If something is rubbish we’ll say it how it is. If we prefer a competitor’s device we’ll tell you. In fact both Dom and I have both bought, and continue to buy, technology from competing manufacturers including Motorola, Nokia, HTC and Apple’s iPhone 5.

SG Home

Our new design reflects our no-nonsense approach. It is clean with clear easy to use navigation. You’ll notice greater social sharing integration (it’s at the end of every post), and a much improved responsive design which works great on computers, laptops, tablets, phablets, and smartphones. We’ve even been told it looks good on a Nokia C3-01! You’ll now find much more information on why we use advertising, who we are, tip us / get involved, and an all improved contact form.

Perfect on ANY device

Our website is responsive. This means it looks great no matter what device you are using whether that’s a Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Tab, or a PC/Laptop. Not only does it look great you get the full featured version of our website where-ever you are – no cut down mobile version. To improve the experience of viewing the website on your mobile you’ll not see the banner advert (next to our logo), or some of the sidebar adverts on your mobile device. You’ll only see one advert on each page / post you visit which means plenty more space for content and considerably less scrolling.

SamsungGeeks New Look

More quality posts

That’s right folks. We are increasing the amount of posts we publish and have introduced new editorial controls to ensure they are the highest quality we can possibly make them. We are also introducing a pretty major new addition to the content of SamsungGeeks very soon. I can’t tell you too much about it right now but rest assured – we’ll be making sure you get the latest information on Samsung mobiles and tablets and have a better idea of the reliability of that source.

SG Post

Easier sharing, better related posts

We’d love it if you could share and comment on our posts. We’ve therefore made sure that there is a simple way to do this. At the end of every article there is a grey sharing panel. All you have to do is click on the social network you wish to share the article with. We would really appreciate if you could support us in sharing articles and commenting on them if you think they are a good read. A massive thanks if you already do so!

We’ve now made it easier to navigate to other articles we think you might like to read. At the bottom of each article you’ll see a list of related posts and an option to read the previous and next post. If you’ve not already had a go give it a try!

SG Share Related

Coming up…

Dom and I are really proud of SamsungGeeks and how it has grown over the last year. We are investing a good amount of time in bringing you one of the best resources on the internet. I’ve already hinted at a brand new area of the site focused on bringing you the latest news whilst also being upfront on the reliability of the information. That’s what we are working on right now. Next up is something our fellow geeks have been asking to have for quite some time – a forum. It will be a place not only to ask questions and share answers but also have a grumble or a random chat. It’s going to be a little while before we can launch the forum but keep your eyes peeled. We’ll also be doing our best to make sure that the forum is easy to use on mobile devices – just like our website.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. We’re really glad to have you on-board. If you have any comments on this post – or any feedback on the new Samsung Geeks in general feel free to comment on this post. We’d love it if you could share too.

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