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Will the Galaxy S4 Mini be worthy of its name?

Since the launch of the Galaxy S4 we at Samsung Geeks have been discussing the possibility of a Galaxy S4 Mini. It is likely / logical that a Galaxy S4 Mini will follow the same launch schedule as it’s predecessor, the Galaxy S3 Mini, which means that we may be able to get our grubby little mits on the device around November 2013. However, we were left disappointed and even miffed how the Galaxy S3 Mini could be classed as a Galaxy S3. What does the Galaxy S4 Mini have to do to earn it’s name?

The Galaxy S3 Mini has been widely viewed as a device simply cashing in on the ‘Galaxy S’ brand. I applauded the idea of releasing a smaller version of Samsung Mobile’s flagship smartphone but, to be perfectly frank, didn’t really like the execution. The Galaxy S3 Mini was a small step up in specs from the Galaxy Ace 2 (see below) whilst adopting the styling of the Galaxy S3. It was in all respects a Galaxy Ace 2.5 in disguise with a lower spec than the Galaxy S2.

Galaxy S3 Mini Galaxy Ace 2 Comparison

Galaxy S3 Mini vs. Galaxy Ace 2

Source: Technocrates.org

One big problem with the Galaxy S3 Mini was that it confused an already confusing naming system. As many of you probably know ‘Galaxy’ refers to an Android device, ‘Omnia’ refers to Windows Phone 7, and ‘Ativ’ refers to Windows Phone 8 devices. Then it all starts to get rather confusing. At the end of these names a further name, or letter, was added to indicate the class of the phone. For example W for Wonderful, Y for Young and S for Super Smart. However not all phones utilise this naming system (e.g. Galaxy Ace) and some utilise a name and a letter (e.g. Galaxy S Advance). The Galaxy S and Galaxy Ace product lines are for many a safe ground – want a middle range device it’s an Ace, want a flagship device its the S range. Releasing a Galaxy S3 Mini which, as the name implies, is not a smaller version of the S3 but an entirely different phone all together is just confusing and even mean as all marketing seems to point people to this selling point.

Samsung Mobiles

Source: GSM Arena

So what would make a Galaxy S4 Mini worthy of its name? Well for a starters it should be a true Galaxy S4 device. That means a spec that is, at the very least, superior to the S3 if not identical to the S4. It’s obviously going to have a smaller screen but that screen should also be full HD and should at least have the same ratio of pixels to screen size. The battery will, understandably, be smaller as there is less room to put it into the phone. I’d want everything else to pretty much remain the same however I would accept a slightly slower processor if the smaller battery could not offer a decent battery life with either (yes that means try both first!) processor.

So what is the likely outcome? In reality I believe that we are unlikely to see a Galaxy S4 Mini as having the same specs as the S4, albeit with a smaller screen and battery. Samsung will probably produce a phone that looks like a smaller version of the S4 but is a lower spec device which falls beneath the spec of the S3 (the S3 Mini is a lower spec than the S2). The thinking here is that those drooling over the S4 without the cash to splash will opt for it’s baby brother instead. If the Galaxy S3 Mini is anything to go by there will still be a premium above similar spec smartphones due to the design and the Galaxy S4 naming. This really would be a crying shame as Samsung would effectively be pushing sub-standard (for the price) devices onto consumers who don’t know any better. I really do genuinely hope that I am wrong and that the S4 Mini isn’t Samsung’s way of hoodwinking customers into buying a device which in every sense is a Galaxy Ace 3.5 in an S4’s clothing.

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