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Festive Advert for “S-Beam”

Samsung Mobile USA don’t seem to be under the same constraints when it comes to advertising, with their tongue-in-cheek and sometimes controversial adverts catching the attention not only of their home audience but – thanks to YouTube – the international community. We’re not entirely sure how they get away their controversial adverts: openly taking the piss out of Apple and their userbase for their Galaxy S3 campaign was definitely a risky move… but one which we think everyone enjoyed.

In this latest rendition, we see none other than Santa Claus himself departing for his present-giving rounds. Before he leaves, Mrs. Claus sends him a … ahem… special… video via S-Beam to watch while he is away. S Beam is Samsung’s word for file-transfer between two devices – a connection is set up by touching two devices together and tapping on the screen (NFC) and then the file transfer is made with lightning speed dual-band WiFi coded “HT40”


This is actually a re-make of a viral video entitled “work trip” which was released earlier in 2012. If you want to catch the internet’s attention: you’re doing it right.


Samsung Mobile USA have also released a more family friendly “Santa Fail” video which features Santa face planting off a flight of stairs. It’s not really that nice – but it’s all captured with the Galaxy S3’s camera and promptly S-Beamed around to everyone. Cruel and controversial are apt keywords here – we did find it quite funny, though we’re not sure we like the idea of laughing at Santa’s expense… even though we’re sad to say that we did.


Thanks to Logan for sharing the video with us!

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