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Samsung Galaxy S3 – Premium Suite Update

Today, Samsung have officially announced the Premium Suite for Galaxy S3 with this video from Samsung Tomorrow. However, SamMobile announced the update a couple of days ago, with the eastern European update (XEO sales code) already having rolled out. With the official premium suite video, it looks like 4.1.2 will be shortly rolling out around the world – we hope so, anyway – as we’ve seen how angry people can get about updates.

Galaxy S3 Premium Suite Updates

Notable updates included in the Galaxy S3 premium suite are:

  • Page Buddy
  • Contexual Menu
  • Contexual Tag
  • Smart Rotation (looks at the orientation of your eyes before rotating display)
  • Multi Window
  • Auto Share Shot Paring using NFC
  • Reader Mode
  • Facebook Lock Ticker
  • New Gallery App
  • Customisable notification panel
  • Ability to disable brightness slider in notification panel
  • Continuous (swipe) input on default Samsung keyboard (built on SwiftKey sdk we believe).
  • Paper Artist App
  • Group Cast App
We will update these features with descriptions once we’ve had some more time to play with them – and update the list once we find more cool features (do let us know). Stay tuned for “Part 2” of the premium suite video!

“Where is my update?!”

I hear you cry… I feel your sadness … well … hold onto your hats! Think about it: with over 30 million Galaxy S3s in the world and a 100MB update, that’s almost 3 petabytes of data which needs to be pushed out (that’s loads)! If Samsung rolled out all of that at once I think all of Google’s servers would explode and no one would get the update – I don’t think anyone would want that! Also, many networks/carriers have their own developers put their own bloatware/spyware/whatever on top of Samsung’s Touchwiz Android interface, so if you don’t get an update straight away you should probably blame them rather Samsung, unless your phone is unlocked.

If you really can’t wait for the update to be rolled out, you are able to download it download the premium suite firmware it from this link and flash it onto your (european) Galaxy S3 using Samsung’s official service centre tool “Odin” (which, to be honest, is often much more reliable than KIES).

Let us know what you think about the update – have you got it in your country yet? What are your favourite new features?

Thanks to pixelfahnder for letting us know about the video.

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