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Galaxy Note 2 – Rumours, Facts and Leaks

Samsung have all but unveiled the much-anticipated Galaxy Note 2. Fortunately we don’t have long to wait as Samsung Mobile will unveil the Note 2 in the Tempodrom, Berlin on August 29th. It promises to be an amazing evening, filled with magical performances and spectacle. In this post, discuss some of the rumours surrounding the Galaxy Note 2, what has leaked, what hasn’t and what we expect this great device to offer.

We will be there at the launch of the Note 2, live tweeting, so don’t forget to follow us on twitter! Let us know if you know something we don’t!

Tempodrom - Galaxy Note 2 Samsung Unpacked

If we chose to ignore the normal rumours which circulate on forums about octocore exoHerz  processors and all that lot there are some things which we can piece together. On August 19th, Samsung released this “trailer” for Unpacked in Berlin featuring Wim Wenders and more importantly some blurry shots of the Note 2 … or at least some sort of device with an S Pen.


What do we know about the Galaxy Note 2?

Galaxy Note 2 Size/Design?

We ran a screenshot of the Note 2 in the video through an image processor which gets rid of most of that annoying fuzz. You can clearly see the outline of the Note 2 and even make out the outline.

It looks to us like we’re seeing the very edge of a device which tapers out quite a lot (you can see from the pictures that curve doesn’t quite finish on a straight). Either this S-Pen is significantly thicker than the previous Note, or the Note 2 is thinner than the orignal. This is what we would expect from a newer device – as the original one was a little thicker than one would have liked.

Galaxy Note 2 Shape - Samsung Geeks

We really have no idea about the dimensions/screen size of the Galaxy Note 2, but we are fairly sure that it will fall into step with the recently launched Galaxy S3 – with a much smaller bezel than its predecessor and a sleek, modern and sophisticated design. In the video is the tagline “with such a small and light thing”… but I don’t imagine Samsung would be silly enough to make a device smaller than the current 5.3” Galaxy Note. We might expect it to be in a similarly sized chassis, but with a reduced bezel to allow for a larger screen.

Galaxy Note 2 - Samsung Geeks

Galaxy Note 2 Colour

From the short video, we can see two different coloured SPens for the Note 2 – one Black SPen near the beginning and one White one near the end (see below image below). From this, we could extrapolate that it will arrive in the usual Black and White, rather than a pebble blue and marble white.

Galaxy Note 2 Screen - Samsung Geeks

Ok – maybe we would get “Galaxy Black” and “Limestone White” or other unnecessary naming. Maybe it won’t be called the Galaxy Note 2 at all, but the Galaxy Omega Apha Sandstorm Prime II. Who knows – Samsung is getting better at this marketing stuff.

Galaxy Note 2 Camera

We’ve not heard anything about the camera, but have no reason to believe it is anything more than the no-lag shutter 8MP camera we have seen on the Galaxy S3 and the 1.9MP forward facing one, both of which can shoot in (very nice) full HD.

Galaxy Note 2 SPen

Galaxy Note 2 SPen button

You can see from the screenshot above that the S-Pen is slightly different to what we’ve seen before . We can see a more “grippy” button, which is somewhat akin to the Note 10.1 SPen depicted below (the larger one below [image from TrustedReviews) but it the images we’ve seen it still has the more plastic “nib” and not the more favourable slightly rubbery/soft one we’ve seen in prototypes.

Galaxy Note 10.1 S Pen - Samsung Geeks

Until recently, we were expecting to see an S-Pen with vastly improved functionality. This was largely based on seeing patent designs over at PatentBolt (depicted below) which suggested embedded NFC and some other cool features like a microphone.

Samsung SPen Patent from Patent Bolt - Samsung Geeks

Unfortunately, Engadget recently broke the story HM5100 Bluetooth S Pen on August 15th. It looks startlingly like what we saw at patentbolt… I guess we shouldn’t rule something like this out…  it would be cool… but… no.

Bluetooth SPen from Engadget - Samsung Geeks

Galaxy Note 2 Screen

As stated above – we expect to see a slightly larger screen than the original Galaxy Note. Of course we expect an AMOLED screen of some sort, as Samsung are so heavily invested in this (excellent) technology. We also wouldn’t be surprised it if was PenTile – a technology which has many benefits, especially in longevity, though some people with microscopes do have issues with it. In terms of resolution – we’re not expecting anything amazing, but definitely better than the 1280×800 resolution on the original Galaxy Note. Hopefully it will be the same resolution ratio – the added width of which we really liked.

Galaxy Note 2 Screen

Pixel density – we have no idea, though we would be surprised if it was anything less than 300ppi, and of course it will have Gorilla Glass 2, which is 20% thinner than its previous rendition while retaining the same shatter resistance and strength.

It’s not flexible

Do we want it to be flexible? Not really. Flexible screens are cool, but apart from advertisers wrapping them around lamposts and difficult-to-get-to spots, we can’t think of a good use-case for them apart from wrist-bands/watches until they become foldable.


Fortunately, we don’t think the Note 2 will use Samsung’s “YOUM” technology as some have speculated. We know this because an S Pen (which certainly not flexible) is shown to be sliding out of it, and that thing most certainly is not flexible. Maybe it could have some sort of pull-out FOLED (Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diode) screen, but that’s not so likely. I guess we’ll wait and see.

We have no doubt that Samsung will be showing off some flexible smartphones at IFA this year, as it’s been a long time coming, but it won’t be in the Note 2. Maybe just a showcase… maybe something truly amazing… let’s see!

Galaxy Note 2 Software

It will be the first non-Nexus device to run on Google’s Jellybean. We can probably look to the ‘leaked’ official Jellybean ROM for the S3 to give us a rough idea about what it might look like.

That, we a certain of, other than that we know nothing about the software on the Galaxy Note 2, but . With out thoughts of the upgraded SPen with added microphone being dashed we can’t really think what they’ll get up to. The Galaxy Note 10.1 has recently come to retail launch, but the software for this was in its near-final version some 6 months ago at MWC, so they’ve had plenty of time to tinker and come up with new ideas.


Our guess is really as good as yours. As soon as we find out more and… ahem… our NDA’s permit us, we’ll be sharing as much as we can! What do you expect from the latest Samsung devices at IFA? Are you excited? Let is know in the comments below!


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