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Galaxy S3 – Best Photo: What is it and how to use it?

What is Best Photo?

The Galaxy S3 has one of the most advanced cameras of any mobile phone today. One of our favourite features of it is “Best Photo”. The 8MP Camera on the Galaxy S3 has zero shutter lag, which means that the photograph is taken the instant that you press the capture button. With “Burst Shot” mode, you are able to take up to 20 photographs at a rate of 1 photograph every 0.3 seconds, but what is really cool is “Best Photo”. We’ve been using it loads during our stay with Samsung in London for the Olympic Games and thought we would share some of our favourite photographs and let you know how to use Best Shot with the Galaxy S3!

Galaxy S3 Best Shot - Grafitti - Samsung Geeks

If you enter into Best Photo mode (See below for our ‘How to’ guide), the Galaxy S3 will take 8 photographs. It will then analyse them and automatically select the best one based on the best lighting conditions, whether subjects are smiling and where there is the least amount of blur. It really is an extremely useful tool and we’ve been using it an awful lot!

Galaxy S3 Best Shot - Samsung Booth - Samsung Geeks

Best Photo demonstrates not only the speed and smartness of the 1.4 Ghz quad core processor, but the way in which the Galaxy S3 is designed to be useful and helpful to us… especially those of us who are rubbish at photography (me!).

Galaxy S3 Best Shot - Big Ben - Samsung Geeks

Read on to find out how to use it, and check out some of our recent Best Photos, too!

How to use Best Photo

Step 1 – Open the Camera and Select Shooting Mode

Open the Camera and select “Shooting Mode” – by default this is button on the middle left of the screen as shown in the picture below. If you’ve edited your camera short-cuts you might have to hunt around for it (press the menu key then “Edit Shortcuts” and look for the icon below). Select “Burst Shot” mode and move on to step 2.

Galaxy S3 Best Shot How To

Step 2 – Select “Best Photo”

Galaxy S3 Best Shot How To

 Once you are in “Burst Shot” mode, you should see “Best Photo” superimposed ontop of the camera output. Press on it and it should change from “off” to “on” and set up the scene or subject for you photograph!

Galaxy S3 - Best Photo - Samsung Geeks

Step 3 – Take the Photo and Select the best one

Press the camera button and the Galaxy S3 will automatically take 8 photographs- after this it will analyse them for the best lighting conditions, blur and complicated settings that we don’t yet understand here at Samsung Geeks and recommend to optimal picture for you with the output depicted here:

Galaxy S3 Best Shot How To

The photograph the Galaxy S3 thinks is the best is depicted with a big thumbs-up and you can either cancel to try again, press done to go with the Galaxy S3’s recommendation, select a picture you personally think is better, or do a long-press on multiple pictures if you want to save more than one of them.

We found this particularly useful when friends are in compromising situations or pulling silly faces (or just interesting ones – like our friend @pixelfahnder below)!

Galaxy S3 - Best Photo

Why do we like Best Photo?

Best photo is an extremely intelligent feature. Like other parts of the Galaxy S3 it really pushes the boundaries of what is technically possible with a smartdevice. We like to see that as we love technology, and it is features like Best Photo that really exemplify this. Perhaps it seems somewhat superfluous and unnecessary to begin with, but once you start using it you realise how much sense it makes and how useful it can be. We remain impressed…

Galaxy S3 - Best Photo - Samsung Geeks

… so does Peter!

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