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Samsung Pins – Exploring the Olympic Spirit

At Samsung Geeks we normally deal with the more technical side of things. In this post, however, we investigate Samsung’s marketing campaign for the London 2012 Olympics: we discuss what the “Samsung Mobile Pin” and badge collecting campaign is, our impressions are of it and how well it is being received by the public. This weekend we took a trip around London to the various sites of the Galaxy Pin and Galaxy Studio to get an idea of  exactly what is going on.

Samsung Mobile PIN London Wesfriend - Samsung Geeks

In the past, Samsung has come across (regardless of how much anyone likes the products) as an un-fun, purely corporate and largely faceless entity. They made hardware, televisions, mobile phones… everything. They sold it to us and that was that. Pulling something off like this could have flopped pretty badly (and for such a large investment of resources).

Samsung Mobile Pins and Galaxy Studio

Samsung Mobile Pin

Samsung Mobile Pin - Unpacked 2012 - Samsung Geeks

(Picture used from KnowYourMobile.com)

When we found out about Samsung’s “Pin” campaign at the beginning of May we were dubious. Well OK – we really didn’t care. They were announced as “one more thing”, a position in any presentation reserved for an extremely exciting announcement, but no, just a brand shop which is “so portable it only takes 8 days” to put up. 8 Days? Hmm, that’s actually that’s quite a long time for what is essentially a small glass box. I think we can safely say that during the launch of the overshadowing Galaxy S3, no one really cared about the Pin or the campaign that was to go around it. Samsung’s focus was to have these as “Brand experience” positions, and it all sounded extremely dull and, to be perfectly honest, something which I didn’t think anyone would be particularly interested in.

Samsung Pin Team - Old Spitalfields - Samsung Geeks

What I didn’t realise, was that Samsung would be attaching a “Galaxy Studio” to each of the Pins, and surrounding them exciting and enticing experiences. A community spirit and things to experience, engage with and be entertained!

Walking into the Samsung Pin in Old Spitalfields market, I was greeted with smiles and empathy. A group of people who not only knew what they were talking about, but did so in a friendly manner. It’s nice to see and meet a group of people who are genuinely enjoying themselves at work. The fun atmosphere really carries across: this really felt nothing like going into a network retailer shop, where you feel a pressure from people to buy something. The guys in the Samsung Pins don’t get paid commission, so they are there (and happy to) just explain the new Samsung devices to you.

Samsung Pin Master Team - Old Spittalfields - Samsung Geeks

You can find the Samsung Pins at the following locations throughout the London 2012 Olympics:

  • Westfield Shepherd’s Bush
  • Old Spitalfields Market
  • Olympic Park
  • Hyde Park

Around the Samsung Pins: Galaxy Studio

Now, however, with the London 2012 Olympics gearing up, the Samsung Pin is really starting to get exciting!

Samsung Mobile PIN - Westfield London - Samsung Geeks

Where are the Samsung Pins?

Where are the Galaxy Studios?

You can find the Galaxy studios next to the Samsung Pins (Westfield Shepherd’s Bush, Old Spitalfields Market, Olympic Park and Hyde Park) or on their own:

  • Heathrow Terminal 1
  • Canary Wharf
  • Broadgate Estate
  • St Pancras Station
  • Stratford International Station
  • Westfield Stratford City
  • One New Change Mall
  • N1 Centre

Galaxy S3 Demonstrations and Magic

Just like the staff inside the Pins, the people working at the Galaxy Studios are all extremely friendly. They know their stuff, they are approachable warm and make sure that you are enjoying their own company as much as the Samsung brand experience. They have product demonstrations of the Galaxy S3 every 30 minutes or so, and heaps of the devices on display. Some of the Galaxy Studios also have a resident Magician who will go round to customers and perform some amazing Galaxy magic – wowing both children and adult audiences!

Collect Samsung Pins/Badges & Samsung Pin App

Samsung Mobile Pin Collector board - Samsung Geeks

Samsung have released 49 different Pins featuring different British landmarks. If you go to any of the Samsung Pins or Galaxy Studios, you will be able to start your collection! Talking to people at the booth it is clear that this has really taken off! Why – because if you are one of the first 100 to complete the set, you will win a Galaxy S3!

At every single Galaxy Studio, I came across people eager to collect the Pins?  What was really lovely to see, was that half of the people I met had no idea about the competition, and all they wanted was to get the complete collection. These pins are COOL! Talking to some of the avid collectors it was clear that these are the must-have memorabilia for the Olympics! A quick search on eBay shows us that each Pin is actually worth quite a lot (some of them have been going for £10 – £20 each!!)

Samsung Mobile PIN Collection - Samsung Geeks

It was really great to talk to people and see them so willing to show of their collections – and a whole range of people too – from children to the elderly. It was clear that there were a few pins which were much rarer than others- namely the green Kew Gardens and green Stone Henge ones (see image below).

Samsung Kew Garden's Pin - Samsung Geeks

How do you get the Olympic Pins?

There are two ways to collect Pins, you can either “check in” with the Samsung Pin App (which we go into more detail  in this post)  to be in with a chance of receiving a “special” Pin, or you can go and talk to one of the Samsung PinMasters.

The Samsung PinMaster will set you a challenge – such as

  • Demonstrate the pop-up play video feature in the Galaxy S3!
  • Do 20 press ups!
  • Can you tell me what the Cycling track is called?
  • Who won the Olympic Football gold medal last year?
  • Have a staring competition with the Galaxy S3 – see who blinks first! [to demonstrate Smart-Stay]
  • What is the processing power of the Galaxy S3?
  • Name the winner of the most Olympic Medals from Beijing 2008?
  • How much RAM does the Galaxy S3 have?
  • Draw a picture on the Galaxy Note using at least 5 colours!

Once you’ve completed the challenge (or just ask nicely enough!!) the PinMaster will present you with you well earned Pin! So – yeah, they make you work for it by learning about and experiencing one of the top phones around today! Good luck and happy hunting – it takes a quite a lot of effort to get the full set of 49 pins, but it will be worth it in the end for sure!

Samsung Pin Collection - Samsung Geeks

Samsung is re-inventing itself, and identifying itself with fun and vibrant personality on what was a faceless, corporate entity. Good for them!

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