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Top 5 Custom Roms for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most powerful Android devices on the market today. For many, Samsung’s “Touch Wiz” overlay just doesn’t do it justice. Custom ROMs are a great way to make the most out of your the powerful hardware. But there are so many custom ROMs available, so which is the best custom ROM for the Galaxy S3? Fortunately our Guest Geek Alan Newton is here to give his list of the best custom Roms available for the I9300. Have you come across a better one? Let us know in the comments!

Alan is a self proclaimed ROM addict, flashing ROMs as he brushes his teeth. If there’s anything he doesn’t know about ROMs, it isn’t worth knowing so please feel free to get in touch in the comments if you have any questions!

Please note that in order to install a custom rom you’ll need to root your device first. For more information on what rooting is, check out our advice on rooting first.

Top 5 ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 

1. Insanity III  

Insanity III is a fantastic custom ROM and is currently my main custom ROM for the Galaxy S3. It is almost certainly the best ROM for Battery life! If you were ever interested in custom ROMs for the original Galaxy S or the Galaxy SII you would have come across the legendary Insanity ROMs. Insanity ROM is best known for its incredibly lightweight structure, its built on the CM9 (see below) source but comes in at a tiny 100MB! Compare this to a S3 stock ROM with TouchWiz at MB and you realise how much unnecessary bloat-ware has been removed! Insanity ROM also comes with some inverted Gapps in the latest build which means you can squeeze that extra juice out of your battery by using black backgrounds on your mostly used apps! Insanity runs at 240dpi too so you will notice everything is smaller and you can fit more onto the screen.

Link to download on xda

2. Omega ROM

Omega rom is also a returning great from the Galaxy SII, Omega is the complete opposite to Insanity as it includes most of Samsung’s software, so it’s great if you don’t want to lose that functionality: It’s based on the latest stock TouchWiz ROM. Omega wins over stock thanks to its many under the hood modifications, battery and ram have been tweaked, GPS is faster to lock and there are also new autobrightness values! Omega also comes with a battery percentage and a superb modded camera by HyperX which allows you to take photos with the volume keys, menu key to focus and even film at a higher bitrate! Omega comes with an online web app too which allows you to download more mods directly to your device!

Link to download on xda

3. CM9

Cyanogenmod certainly doesn’t need any introduction, its been around for years and is available on lots of android devices and is arguably the king of custom ROMs. In fact, most other custom ROMs are based on CM9’s code! CM9 takes the best of stock ICS and adds performance tweaks, status bar mods and even downloadable themes from the android market. The only downside is that you will lose Samsung features such as smart alert, direct call and smart stay.

Link to download on xda

4. Wanamlite

Wanamlite rose to fame on the Samsung Galaxy SII and returns on its new successor as one of the best custom ROMs for the Galaxy S3. Similar to Omega, Wanamlite is built on the latest stock rom but with RAM, GPS and other interesting tweaks to help with performance. Wanamlite removes a lot of the stock bloatware but the developer provides a link to download them back if you need any of the removed apps. Wanamlite also includes a 15 toggle mod in the status bar rather than the normal toggles that come on stock. Wanamlite is one of the best custom ROMs for battery life.

Link to download on xda

5. ParanoidAndroid

Paranoidandroid was first released for the Galaxy Nexus and is completely different to everything else on offer. Paranoid Android is based on CM9 source but comes with “hybrid mode” and this allows you to change the density for each individual app and also change density for different elements of the phone such as the lockscreens and the notification drawer. The bonus with Paranoid Android is that you can run apps in either phone mode or tablet mode too and this allows you to take advantage of the amazing display on the S3 with the tablet versions of gmail and youtube etc..

Link to download on xda

What do you think is the best custom ROM for the Galaxy S3? Let us know in the poll below or answer in the comments section below.

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