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Galaxy S3 Scratch Tests and Drop Tests

The Galaxy S3 has Gorilla Glass 2. According to the manufacturer, Corning, this glass is 20% stronger whilst being thinner than the original glass we saw on the Galaxy S2. In this article we sum up some thoughts about drop tests and scratch tests in general, as well as give a comprehensive breakdown of all Galaxy S3 scratch tests, drop tests and physical endurance tests (including it being run over by a car!).The drop test and scratch test are always popular videos when choosing which is the better phone to purchase. Also, for some reason, we seem to like seeing expensive pretty things destroyed.

Galaxy S3 Scratch Test - Samsung Geeks

This video recently surfaced from Samsung Tomorrow showing the rigorous stress and resistance tests the Galaxy S3 is put through before it is released to the public. It’s in Korean – but you can get a pretty good idea!

Galaxy S3 Scratch Tests

Our issues with the scratch test in general:

1) Metal like brass or steel shouldn’t scratch glass. It has a lower “hardness” rating, so it shouldn’t do anything anyway. If you’re interested in this, check out this handy article about Mohs scale of hardness.  If you take the bottom of a ceramic mug or a tiny grain of sand to these device and you’ll start to see scratches. Even so; it’s pretty cool to see how resistant they can be.

2) No matter how impressive a scratch test looks, all it takes is a tiny piece of sand or dirt in your t or on the table and your device will be scratched. Be careful, get a flip clover, but a screen protector. If this sort of thing matters to you, make sure you keep your phone safe!

That being said, what follow is a list of Galaxy S3 scratch test videos with a brief description of what happens…

Romanian Samsung Mobiler Victoria Giorgiana tries to cut up the Galaxy S3 in this scratch test. It comes out scratch free!

YouTube user  attacks the Galaxy S3 with a key to no avail. Listen out for some strange ghost noises at 22 seconds!

This is probably the most tentative scratch test we’ve ever seen. I’m not sure this proves anything other than that the owner really doesn’t want to do any damage to his beloved Galaxy S3! Those knives look mean though!

Greek Samsung Mob!ler Roubalita does a scratch test with keys, and replicates day-to-day use in her bag pockets.

More of a stab and cut test than a scratch test. Knives are used on the iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3 Drop Tests

Galaxy S3 Scratch Test - Samsung Geeks

Our issues with drop tests:

1) Doing tests from “front, back & side” doesn’t mean anything. Any difference in damage to a device arises from how the device lands, not where it started from. You can’t predict how a device will land after it’s dropped unless you invest in some mechanical device to make it repeatable. We don’t understand this about drop tests – it’s really annoying!!!

2) once a device’s screen has cracked, it’s integrity is compromised. After this there is no point in continuing the test unless you use a new test. Ideally you would use a fresh device for each height test. Even a small crack or scratch on the screen will make it easier for further cracks to appear with subsequent drops. It doesn’t prove or show anything so you really shouldn’t continue, yet people do. Why? No idea!

What follows is a list of drop tests we’ve come across around the internet. Mixed results here; and mostly less positive than its predecessor, the Galaxy S2.

A variety of supposedly more realistic drop tests from . Really they’ve just got cute kids to throw it around, but no matter how cute they, are the Galaxy S3 breaks. Sadness :(

YouTube user adrianisen drops his Galaxy S3 on the kitchen floor. It comes out shiny and new (phew!).

Android Authority authoritatively drops a Galaxy S3 and an iPhone4S. It breaks. Sad times :(

Extreme Physical Endurance Tests

Romanian Mobiler Mihai Tuchlei runs over the Galaxy S3 with a car to a surprising result!

Mihai risks electrical shock by submerging a fully working Galaxy S3 underwater. We are genuinely surprised to see that without any hydrophobic internal coating, the device not only works underwater, but continues to work afterwards. Do not try this at home!

Another Galaxy S3 takes a bath…


If you’ve come across any scratch tests, drop tests or extreme physical endurance tests we’ve not listed please get in touch and we’ll happily add them to our list.

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