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Galaxy S3 design: It’s all about the feel

There has been a lot of debate over the Galaxy S3 design. Some feel that the pebble shape is a step backwards to already explored designs. I however argue that the design is a step towards practicality and usability – a truly designed for humans ethos.

The Galaxy S III (GS3)  has rounded edges and is made from high quality plastic. The finish and build quality gives the phone a high quality feel without adding extra weight or ‘bulk’ to the phone. When the iPhone 4S was released I did appreciate the design and the glass and metal used in the phone. However it led to a phone that was heavy and in my opinion felt awkward to hold. This is exactly the opposite of the GS3.

The screen uses Corning Gorilla Glass 2 and the feel of the glass is not dissimilar to the Nokia Lumia 800. The screen edges are tapered which helps to the overall feel of the device. There are however the odd issues with accidentally pressing the touch sensitive buttons at the bottom of the device due to their positioning but you quickly adapt. The screen size is big and does result in me needing to hold the device slightly differently to the S2. The heavier weight is welcome in the pocket but is a minor negative when actually holding the device. The slightly raised smaller home button is a nice touch and the power key and volume rocker are in a very comfortable position.

The plastic back cover no longer features the ‘bobbly’ back we saw on the GS2 but for some reason doesn’t seem to slip in the hand. The positioning of the speaker is at the top of the device, a great improvement over the GS2 speaker which was at the bottom of the device and more easily covered by your hand whilst holding.

The GS3 design is not revolutionary but focused on being tactile and nice to hold. For me the GS3 design is all about the feel – the actual experience you get whilst using the device. It’s the cherry on top of a powerhouse of an awesome screen boasting phone. It’s all very nice to have a kick-ass design but if a device doesn’t feel good to hold and use then the design is pretty pointless. The GS3 is my device of choice. Until the GS4 comes out it’s the phone to beat.

Galaxy S3 Touch Feel Design - Samsung Geeks

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