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Galaxy S3 Benchmark Tests

The Galaxy S3 is the most powerful smartphone on the market today. Below is a comprehensive list of the most popular benchmark tests. If you would like us to run more, or can recommend a test, please get in touch in the comments below and we will happily oblige. If you found this article useful, please check out the rest of our site and let us know what you think! Please note that these test were performed on the international version of the Galaxy S3, 1.4Ghz quad core with 1GB RAM. The device was also running on the original release firmware, which has since been updated. If you would like us to run any tests for you with the latest firmware version, then get in touch!

Currently we have tested the following Galaxy S3 Benchmark tests.

Quadrant, An3DBench XL,Linpack, GLBenchmark, Antutu, Smartbench 2012, Neocore, Nenamark 2, CF-Bench, Benchmark Pi and SunSpider.

The S3 used was the (European) Quad Core Exynos clocked at 1.4. 1GB RAM on Android 4.04 + Touch Wiz. Once we get our hands on the Snapdragon version we will update!

Quadrant Standard Benchmark

For some reason Quadrant remains the king of benchmark tests. We put mainly put down to the pretty colours it makes, though there are much better ways of benchmarking a device. Quadrant tests a variety or different aspects of the phone’s performance and gives an overall score.

Galaxy S3 Benchmark test score for Quadrant:

Total Score: 5352

CPU: 12671

Mem: 4503

I/O: 6776

2D: 1000

3D: 1811

Galaxy S3 Quadrant Standard

An3dBench XL

An3dBench is a benchmark tool which uses the Android version of the jPCT 3D engine. It is design for higher end devices like the Galaxy S3 and runs 7 tests from fill rate to complex scenes before giving a final score.

Galaxy S3 Benchmark test score for An3dBenchXL:

Total Score: 36386

Double Dragon: 40.24 fps

Flower Power: 40.88 fps

Ninja’s Garden: 26.33 fps

Emperor’s New Clothes: 60.06 fps

Magic Island: 42.62 fps

Galaxy S3 An3DBenchmark XL Samsung geeks


Linpack is a CPU benchmarking tool designed to test your devices floating point computing power. It gives results in ‘millions of floating point operations per second’ (MFLOPS), so the higher the better!

Galaxy S3 Benchmark test score for Linpack:

[table caption=”Linpack Multi-Thread” class=”table table-bordered”]

[attr width=”20″],Test 1,Test 2,Test 3, Test 4, Test 5, Test 6
Norm Res,3.24,3.24,3.24,3.24,3.24,3.24[/table]

[table caption=”Linpack Single Thread” class=”table table-bordered”]
[attr width=”20″], Test 1,Test 2,Test 3
Norm Res,5.68,5.68,5.68

Galaxy S 3 Linpack for Android Benchmark

GLBenchmark 2.1.4 Egypt [off screen]

GLBenchmark is our favourite GPU benchmarking test. Most devices limit the on-screen FPS to around 60, which means that we aren’t properly testing the hardware capabilities. They are being capped. GLBenchmark offers a variety of different tests, including the off screen Egypt test. This gets round the FPS cap by doing all of the computation/rendering off screen. This stresses the device, giving a much better idea of how powerful the hardware really is.

Galaxy S3 Benchmark test score for GLBenchmark:

Result: 11207 @ 99FPS

Galaxy S 3 GLBenchmark 2.1.4 Egypt Off Screen

Antutu Benchmark

AnTuTu Benchmark tests a variety of different aspects of the phone’s performance and gives an overall score.

Galaxy S3 Benchmark test score for Antutu:

The Galaxy S3 scored 12071 in total.

CPU: 7241

GPU: 1547

RAM: 2494

I/O: 789

Galaxy S3 AnTuTu Benchmark test

Smartbench 2012

Smartbench 2012 tests both CPU and GPU giving a final, though somewhat obtuse score.

Galaxy S3 Benchmark test score for Smartbench2012:

The Galaxy S3 benchmarked 4005 for productivity (CPU) and 1648 for gaming (GPU)


Neocore uses OpenGL-ES 1.1 graphics to benchmark devices. Results are given in fps and that’s that!

The Galaxy S3 benchmarked at 60fps, though this figure is capped, so it really tells us nothing whatsoever! Good to know it’s at the top end, though.

Galaxy S3 Neocore Benchmark

Nenamark 2

Nenamark 2 is a benchmarking tool we quite like. Rather than using a load of nonsensical graphics to test the GPU it uses OpenGL|ES 2.0 to render graphics we would expect to see on a high end game. This makes it a good, realistic benchmark to test between devices. It scores the device in FPS – the higher the better.

Galaxy S3 Benchmark test score for Nenamark 2:

The Galaxy S3 scores 58.8fps. We’re not sure if this is because of the fps cap (probably). Still- it’s at the top of its game!

Galaxy S3 Nenamark  Benchmark


CF-Bench is one of our favourite benchmarking tools as it tests all sorts of aspects of the CPU. Although it does give a final score, the developers are clear to point out that you shouldn’t take it seriously. It tests both native and managed code performance and is designed to test modern multi-cored devices. Jolly good! It looks like these guys know what’s what, so we trust this as one of the better benchmarking tools around.

Galaxy S3 Benchmark test score for CF-Bench:

Native MIPS: 2265

Java MIPS: 529

Native MSFLOPS: 1345

Java MSFLOPS: 892

Native MDFLOPS: 826

Java MDFLOPS: 510

Native MALLOCS: 10425

Native Memory Read: 7436

Java Memory Read: 1320

Native Memory Write: 1619

Jave Memory Write: 1580

Native Disk Read: 1019

Native Disk Write: 45

Java Efficiency MIPS: 23%

Java Efficiency MSFLOPS: 66%

Java Efficiency MDFLOPS: 61%

Java Efficiency Memory Read: 17%

Java Efficiency Memory Write: 97%

Native Score: 23289

Java Score: 6839

Overall Score: 13419


Galaxy S3 CFBench Benchmark

SunSpider 0.9.1

This benchmark only tests the core JavaScript language in the browser. We ran it on the stock browser (some variant of Safari) though if you would like us to test it in any other browser, let us know! For comparison, Google Chrome on a high-end machine scores only a little over 130ms for the same test.

Galaxy S3 Benchmark test score for SunSpider 0.9.1:

RESULTS (means and 95% confidence intervals)
Total:                 1335.6ms +/- 1.5%

3d:                   219.6ms +/- 8.9%
cube:                63.8ms +/- 6.8%
morph:               46.8ms +/- 3.7%
raytrace:           109.0ms +/- 16.9%

access:               105.2ms +/- 3.0%
binary-trees:         8.9ms +/- 2.5%
fannkuch:            43.6ms +/- 4.6%
nbody:               30.3ms +/- 2.7%
nsieve:              22.4ms +/- 13.0%

bitops:               118.1ms +/- 2.9%
3bit-bits-in-byte:   19.2ms +/- 2.9%
bits-in-byte:        24.4ms +/- 9.0%
bitwise-and:         37.5ms +/- 6.8%
nsieve-bits:         37.0ms +/- 2.4%

controlflow:           13.2ms +/- 10.5%
recursive:           13.2ms +/- 10.5%

crypto:               104.2ms +/- 2.3%
aes:                 43.9ms +/- 5.9%
md5:                 28.4ms +/- 4.3%
sha1:                31.9ms +/- 6.9%

date:                 205.5ms +/- 2.6%
format-tofte:        73.6ms +/- 6.2%
format-xparb:       131.9ms +/- 1.2%

math:                  91.5ms +/- 2.0%
cordic:              28.5ms +/- 3.4%
partial-sums:        40.0ms +/- 3.8%
spectral-norm:       23.0ms +/- 2.9%

regexp:                66.8ms +/- 4.3%
dna:                 66.8ms +/- 4.3%

string:               411.5ms +/- 1.2%
base64:              27.6ms +/- 7.6%
fasta:               65.4ms +/- 3.9%
tagcloud:            95.2ms +/- 2.2%
unpack-code:        143.7ms +/- 2.0%
validate-input:      79.6ms +/- 4.3%

Benchmark Pi

Benchmark Pi gives your device a score based on how long it takes it to calculate Pi to a certain number of decimal places. We’re not convinced this is a very useful benchmarking tool, but some people like it. Maybe they thing it’s pie. Om nom nom.

Galaxy S3 Benchmark test score for Benchmark Pi:

We ran several tests and the time needed to calculate Pi was between 369 and 400 milliseconds.

Galaxy S3 Benchmark Pi

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