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Top Custom Roms for Galaxy Note (n7000)


So, you’re bored of the same old stock firmware on your phone and want to try something a little different? Look no further! In this article i will discuss some of the most popular custom roms available for the Samsung Galaxy Note (N7000)

(Please note you will lose stock Samsung apps such as S Memo and S Note if you install a rom built from AOSP)

In order to install a custom rom you’ll need to root your device first. For more information on what rooting is, check out our advice on rooting first.

Android Custom ROM Galaxy Note

1. ICS Stunner (ICS)

ICS Stunner is my personal favourite and its the one ROM i keep finding myself coming back to, it is built from Android source code and features all of the latest features from AOKP (Android Open Kang Project). When you first load up Stunner ROM it looks just like the normal stock Android experience we are used to on the Galaxy Nexus but when you open settings you realise the true power of the ROM in a special section called Euphoria Control, from Euphoria Control you can edit several elements of your phone from the clock position, date, Toggles, battery display, power control options and you can even have the weather in your notification pull down! The ROM is very fast and also very stable, hopefully the rom will receive more updates soon when the kernel source code is released by Samsung.

Link to xda

2. CM9 (ICS)

The Galaxy Note recently got its own Cyanogenmod love thanks to an official port courtesy of Team Hacksung.. Cyanogenmod is probably the most popular custom ROM ever and is available on lots of Android devices, it’s also good to know that the brains behind the rom Steve Kondik has now been employed by Samsung Mobile. CM is very similar to the stock android experience but has a few improvements here and there that makes it a little faster and often gives the user better battery life. Its worth remembering that you will have to flash the latest Google apps zip file along with CM9 to get access to the play store, currents, gmail and similar google apps.

Link to xda

3. Criskelo Rom (ICS)

Criskelo ROM is a very nice rom that is based on the very latest LPY base from Samsung, if you have ever looked into custom roms for the Galaxy S 2 or Galaxy S 1 then you would of certainly heard of Criskelo thanks to his great roms for those devices. The rom comes with a very nice blue ICS theme that looks similar to the stock ICS roms mentioned earlier but you also get the benefit of S Memo, S Note and Touchwiz within the ROM. The base has also been heavily modified by Criskelo to give improve performance, smoother scrolling and better memory usage. This is a very stable rom and may be worth considering if you want to stick with the stock feel but also benefit from the custom rom performance.

link to xda

4. Liquidsmooth Rom (ICS)

Liquidsmooth ROM is built from the same source as Stunner ROM (AOKP) and offers similar functions to the Euphoria control found within ICS Stunner. Liquidsmooth rom is very fast but also a very light rom so all of the useless apps are removed! There are other themes available for the ROM within the thread on XDA including a blood red theme and a black and white theme!

Link to xda

5. Checkrom Revo NoteHD (Gingerbread)

Checkrom is a fantastic Gingerbread rom that gives you everything you could possibly want from a custom ROM, its got great speed, great battery life and is very stable. Also included in the rom is the excellent Checkrom kitchen app which allows you to download different mods such as themes, touchwiz hacks and other useful items. The rom brings together the combination of 2 fantastic S2 developers, Gadgetcheck and Leomar. Checkrom has not been updated for a while but it still remains one of the most stable and battery efficient roms available!

Link to xda

What do you think is the best custom rom available for the Galaxy Note? Let us know in the poll below or answer in the comments section.

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