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What is Rooting? What is a Rooted Device?

You might have heard about people rooting their devices, but what does it actually mean?

Root android device

Hardware manufacturers often prevent users from having access to all of the inner workings of your smartphone or tablet.

For most people, having an unrooted device is a good thing for two reasons.

    1. It makes it pretty much impossible for you to break your smart device, and
    2. It makes it much more secure against malicious Apps.

However, sometimes we need more control over our devices and that is why we root our devices.

Rooting your devices allows you to to:

    1. View and edit the previously inaccessible files.
    2. Tweak system settings
    3. Use Apps which require ‘root access’.
    4. Add custom Roms to your device.

Doing so, however, comes at something of a risk. Your device is now more open to exploitation from malicious applications/roms and you are also liable to break your device.

Also bear in mind that if you root your device, hardware manufactures will no longer support it as the warranty will be voided.

Our advice is simple: do not root your device unless you have a really good reason to. Also, make sure you research everything fully to give you the best chance of successfully rooting your device. If something goes wrong the awesome open and customisable device you were after will be a useless coffee coaster, and it’s hard to fix it with out technical knowledge or enough money to pay someone who has it!

If you are interested in rooting or custom roms, SG recommends that you head over to the XDA Developers‘ forum where you should be able to find help and support about rooting your device.

Have you rooted your phone, or are you considering it? What do you think?

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Tell us about your rooting experiences in the comments below!

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