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Equation Recognition and Object Recognition

In a world desensitised by new and amazing technology it’s hard to come across something that makes your jaw drop. The equation recognition on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 did just that. It’s the thought of “why didn’t I think of that, it’s so obvious” when you know something is really impressive.

We had a meeting with the project manager of the Note 10.1 prior to its announcement at MWC2012. At first I thought “oh right… it’s just a Tab 10.1 with an S-Pen, great” but then we were shown equation recognition, object recognition.

I was really impressed and so were my colleagues. Here are a couple of videos of the project manager demonstrating these features on a prototype Galaxy Note 10.1:

Equation Recognition with Wolfram Alpha integration:

You can see the adaptive nature of the recognition system here. The formula at the top adapts and changes as Ken (from kenstechtips) adds more information and makes the formula more complicated. It shows that the equation recognition system is fully aware of what is being written where and doesn’t act in a linear, rather a dynamic way.

Object Recognition:

So this is all very impressive, technologically speaking… but is it actually useful? Object recognition may be a little gimmicky, but I think it will save plenty of time, especially when making of tables. Formula input makes lots of sense: by writing them straight on to your tablet/computer rather  than typing in a string of complicated brackets and slashes for the device to render out later you’re saving loads of time – you can make corrections on the go and being able to pop across to Wolfram Alpha at the press of a button makes ever such a lot of sense.

I think students worldwide will be very happy with it!

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